I'm Stuck

I feel like I’m stuck. Lately I read a lot about many different topics (Spells, Divination, Qliphoth, Runes …) But what is the use of reading if I can’t put it into practice (?). My problem is that I am in an environment that does not favor me to do practical things. I cannot become independent of my house yet and there is no time when I can be alone without worrying that no one interrupts me. I feel that any practice you do will be influenced “negatively” by this circumstance. Surely many people are in this situation and I would like to know how you take it and some advice you can give me. I meditate daily, but I also feel that I am getting stuck in my meditation. Something better is why I am always doing the same? Should I alternate the type of meditation and work in different directions?

Actually I got into empty hands magick because I didn’t have any means to buy materials nor enough personal space to have an altar nor perform rituals back when I was younger. The meditations I used to do back in that time just needed me to sit down and visualize, I could even do them standing, so I used to do them anywhere

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I usually practice when either alone or everyone is asleep, depending where you live. You could always find a quiet place somewhere in your neighbourhood, I go through those days too. You’re not alone.

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@Daniel_K @MagusOfGamaliel
So you think you can do great things without anything? Or maybe I should start with “simple” and basic things. * When I talk about simple and basic things I mean things that do not need great logistics to be able to perform. What was the first thing you practiced and where did you find your motivation?

Maybe my journal can help you


The first thing I did as a practice was to summon Azazel. What motivated me was stuff that I would prefer that never motivate you

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Your thoughts are the most powerful tool that you have. In your mind create your ritual space, keep it simple not too many details and not a lot of items at first.

Start with an empty room, maybe a window and just practice being there. Next time maybe add a candle, from the lights reflections you’ll pick up details. As time goes on build your altar slowly and add items to it. You’ll eventually get to a point where you will be able to go there anytime of the day or night just takes some time.

Another option would be to use a room in your house your already comfortable and familiar with, like your bedroom, that can help also.


I summoned Lilith first, needed a helping hand.

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