I'm starting the Divination course today

I am starting the Mastering Divination: Omniscience course today.

I plan to work through the entire course from beginning to end.

I will do each and every exercise as a path-working into Omniscience.

I will have the course materials and workbook in a few days.

Until then, I have created the first divination tool, and will begin the first experiment tonight.

I commit to making progress on this course every day until I complete it, keeping a record of each operation and result.

I plan to to do one operation per day (unless suggested otherwise in the course) to temper my enthusiasm with discipline.

When I complete this I will move onto the Evocation course.

For years I have been using my abilities to affect the material world minimally, such as being the ‘go to guy’ when people need help finding lost objects or healing now and then.

The BALG current has spurred me onward. I am taking this opportunity to get back to basics, immerse myself in the work, and continue my eternal ascent with zeal and purpose. Thank you E.A., Timothy, and co.

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I’m getting some surprising results that are increasing my curiosity and awakening my hunger for knowledge.

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Finished 25 straight days of divination operations and done with the ‘first section’ of the course. I love it so far and I’m looking forward to more. I will probably take a couple days off to rest my questing mind and review the intro material again before continuing.

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Narius could you expand on your experiences please. I am a little stuck in regards to my occult direction, I have followed so many pathways so to speak from meditation excercises to the pulse (the pulse I like but keep forgetting before waking and moving before remembering at which point it is too late. My opinion is that if you cant ap or oobe the occult evocation becomes almost pointless. Divination is a great way to advance towards to the astral plain perhaps giving insights which will be concretised upon oobe or ap.)

When I divine I dont feel that I have anything contacting me about an individual or myself. No spirit guides so to speak. I am diagnosed schizophrenic but the only voices i hear are almost certainly human voices and externally. I have heard strange ethereal voices, the ‘real’ ones as I call them, that could be astral or other worldly, and they are INSIDE my head, completely different both in sensation and way in which they occur.

The problem is that the human voices that cause my schizophrenia are waiting in vain to pretend to be any astral entity, I think they scare them off, due to their unvirtuous intentions.

Is it a difficult course or relatively accessible ?


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Hi J,

I’ve been off the forums for a bit but I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

As for the Divination course I’d say the course is perfect for a beginner and will rapidly develop someones skill based on the amount of focus they put in. EA provides an overview that I have not seen anywhere else, along with personal insights into a wide variety of techniques. He also goes into detail about the different types of divination and breaks it down into a replicable science in my opinion.

As for your challenge with voices I’ll share my own experience. I heard voices calling my name also at one point when I was first getting into clairvoyance and remote perception, etc. At first I was confused and they really distracted me. I began to take a more scientific approach and started keeping a journal.

What I found was that the times I was hearing voices calling my name were when other people I knew where having conversations in which they mentioned me.

Regardless, it’s good to keep a record of what you experience. Some things may become clear later. Some things may remain a mystery. If you don’t keep a record they won’t be verifiable though, and you’ll remain in speculation about things.