Im sorry

Look i lost my temper because you guys kept taking down my posts. If im let back in a will gladly post only to my designated forum and besides, how could you stay mad at this face?

You threatened the forum admin, on a forum with zero tolerance for threats.

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Ok fair enough. But on my mother i wont do it again. I jus want a place where people accept me.

We don’t though. ZERO. TOLERANCE.


As someone who would sell her own grandmother I say: don’t trust him!!!


Yeah, threatening one of the driving forces of a forum is not a smart idea.

Shitty deal

And id agree. The where taking down all my post tho. Not justifying it js

And mods have the right to do so if it breaks the forum rules

That they do. Just making my plea is all

Weren’t you kinda backstabbing on this forum in other forums? Just asking for a friend :slight_smile:

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I - me, not Timothy - did not “take down” your posts, I merged them into your Unlisted thread for tripping posts.

You could see my avatar on there.

You threatened the forum owner, I am having this (brief) conversation but I am not opening the floodgates to special pleading over threats by letting you back.

There are plenty of other forums which permit that kind of thing, or tripping on routine basis all over, this is not one of them.


How is kt backstabbing when im loterally banned from this one. This is the best forum out there, no debate.

All i ask is a chance. I didnt know you were moving my posts, i just thought u were taking it down for the fuck of it

@Lady_Eva shall I move this to lounge?

Not gonna lie your name made me loled out for real :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Why didn’t you ask me? I had been as respectful of you as possible, under the circs, so you had no reason to fear asking what was happening.

No we’re good, he’ll just keep coming back, I need to try and get this through his skull.

Threats are not permitted, threats to admin are no different, even if “it was a joke” because if we let people get away with that it just sends the message that person is above the rules, and that since they can act that badly to admins, no-one else is going to be safe either.

You were going to promise to keep all your tripping balls posts in one place, you didn’t. Next time you get high you’d be doing the same.

Please go grace some other forum and leave us alone. You can still read the forum even when you’re banned.


Man thats shitty.

To lighten things up a bit, threatening to throw paper cash is also forbidden right? Putting aside it would be less on your end since your currency is more valuable than mine if I remember correctly.