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I guess I would be considered still quite a newbie to subliminal’s seeing as I had discovered them just the beginning of last year. I had learned alot, but I just learned that youtube’s subliminals are a lower-tier kind. The scripting is basic and not properly done? Anyways, I’m here to learn more, ascend and grow. Does anyother ways I can use subliminals since the youtube ones work, but suck?
My name is Kane also.

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Welcome Kane.

Subliminals are only a side tool for our workings,
normally they’re used to tune towards a specific mental frequency.

The major work comes from the practicioner, not the subliminal.

Otherwise, you’d just go to a hypnotist, to set you up in the correct mental frames.

No, we don’t have a huge board of subliminals,
but i’m sure some members can relate better,
higher quality ones for you.

What will increase your success with them,
is meditation,
gaining more control over your mental states in general,
and knowing what you actually use them for.

After all,
most subliminals are just a legal alternative,
to induce specific states,
by drugs combined with specific spirits.

(look into shamans & Shamanism, to understand the concept of Trance better.)

Here’s an example,
of an Youtube Base Frequency i actually had very good results with. :wink:




Damn good answer!