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Hello there,
I’m Damien616.
I’m a Church of Satan member.
I don’t believe in real entities.
I think they are archetypes and mental constructions.
So I’m not interested in Magick.
I’m interested in Satanism/Luciferian psychological perspective.
I think that Satan is the worldly side of man and Lucifer is the mental aspect.

Thank you.


Decades ago when I was in School and for inexplicable reasons I didn’t believe in Hong Kong. I’d see the travel commercials and occasional news story on television but I knew that all that stuff was filmed in a studio somewhere because I didn’t believe in Hong Kong. Looking back I now realise that Hong Kong’s objective existence wasn’t altered by my paradigm, only I was.

These days I know that Hong Kong exists.



Welcome to the forum! I used to think exactly like you did, before I started working with the Slavic Bogi (Gods) of my ancestors, and I watched Bog Veles do things that I didn’t ask him to. The first example that comes to mind is when I hadn’t given him an offering in a few weeks so while I was at work I watched the clock go from 2:58 PM to 2:29 PM. The most recent example was on Saturday, when he transformed a bag of Dill Pickle chips into Salt & Vinegar chips, because they’re his favorite.


Welcome to the forum! I’m new here as well but can’t be assed making an introduction.

Thought forms always came to be with enticement—when I smoked DMT I traveled and was greeting by gigantic entities; made of cosmic fragments from the colors visible on the wavelength spectrum.

They had extremely sharp jawlines almost mechanical and malleable their form was, I was travelling with them and they were going in and out and around me as we went through a space tunnel. I’d to believe they really liked me and wanted to have fun and show me around. It was a ride. I’d like to think they were thought forms, but my gut says otherwise.

I agree that Satan is the wordly aspect. What you can gain on the material plane here and now is what it’s really about. To think about the ‘here after’ is equipped to right hand path.

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The old cliche - you may not believe in them, but they believe in you. This is just my perspective, but there are those who agree with your perspective and paradigm. (As I like to say: everyone has the right to be wrong!)

I would also say that some very well respected authors in demonology are open to the possibility that these entities are internal, not external.


Many thanks for your greetings and answers.

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