I'm New here!

Hi! My name is Solomon I’m 22 I’m from the Middle East and I’m new to everything! I have watched videos from EA, Behemoth x, the infernal obelisk, and others I have also been reading posts here to learn more about magick, spirits, etc I came here to learn more and again I’m new to this I do know it’s gonna take a while for me but it’s gonna be alright!


Welcome to the forum!
Is there any type of magick you’re particularly interested in?
Do you have experience with any form of magick?

Make sure to check out the rules and the unofficial tutorials directory. Use the search function (the magnifying glass :mag_right: at the top right) about any question you have, chances are it has been discussed before and what you find may answer your question!

Once again, welcome to the BALG forum. I hope you enjoy it here ^^


@TheLuciferian666 Please answer these questions to properly complete your introduction per the rules of this forum.

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I don’t anything in particular in my mind, but I do want to view all types of Magick and see what which is best for me to try as a beginner. well for experiences I tried some like using candles and sigils that’s all, there are some things I have read or watched on YouTube but I don’t have the equipment so I tend to focus on the things that I already have at the moment.