Im new and azazel wants to talk

hi everyone this is my intro
Even though spirit has always led my life in a big way. Im just starting out on this witchcraft journey. Ive pretty much been on love and light with no bias toward the left. Come to my surprise Iam on the left hand path & had to get over my initial fears of demons nd lucifer to accept what iwas going to be told. I just wanted a career reading she told me my spiritual gifts will make me money & Azazel wants to work with me and he will help. Before hearing this i had no desire to work with entities. Unless called upon and he called so im doing my part to make contact and heed his council

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Welcome @mecca

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick? You haven’t really told us anything at all.

So, if I am understanding you correctly, you assume this because someone told you via a reading?


iam just a beginner. ive done some spells nothing big tho
& im from North Carolina
and yes i got a reading and thats when i was told.

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Azazel is great to work with :slightly_smiling_face: Most of us making the transition from one side of the path to the next have to face certain fears, challenges and overcome, if you yourself feel Azazel is right for you to work with, then you should do it. Not just because someone asked you too or told you too. Do what feels right for you.

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cool to see somebody else here from nc @mecca

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:. When I was new Azazel connected with me as well. He is a good spirit no doubt respect for all, but he is very intense and his presence is very strong, he wanted to teach me many dark things but being a newbie I couldn’t learn in his way ( once he made me hit my head on the edge of the sofa just for fun, sometimes if m into something my phone will be switched off with full battery, candle blowing off, etc etc​:joy:) he said he can be funny sometimes but I was scared af lol and I asked him to give me some time to connect with him… not easy going kinda spirit you got to be very careful. Rest I don’t know about somebody else telling you to connect with an entity, it’s better when you feel something from inside :slightly_smiling_face:. :+1:


Recently I called upon Azazel with incense , candle and his sigil. I had this altar infront of me while I was meditating in the dark with the candle light and calling him to come. In the moment I heard a pop knock and the candle blew out and his sigil fell. It scared the bejeezus out of me, for real. I calmed down and knew he was playing around. I told him I was not scared but you caught me by surprise there. :grinning:


Azazel is special like my Situation recognized as fully as I’m able to see and I guess by feeling your Situation with not more then the Possibility that you have a “Talking Sleep Activity” as well.

If Azazel still wants to talk but doesn’t I see a reason to start this Thread. He was a great contact and visitor for one Night in 2016 at me here in Chemnitz. I did not use my Chance like I imagine I could have.

We never talked again like this time.
But when I sleep a deadless Part of my Psyche talks to Spirits which visit me but give no Input until this truely overviewing Part is able to speak.

I feel like the Vehicle waiting for the Drivers like the Deities await me talking while my Allday Consciousness dreams.

In 2017 Azazel came the last good time and way.
I wanted to sleep and a black cloudy mass flew over my blanket scaring me for some seconds then stating: “Du hättest heute Nacht noch Sex haben können”. (You could have had Sex this Night). More Input not for the Vehicle.

This speaking Part of me in Sleep needs me, so I get this Input at propably wise Will of my Talking Sleep Activity.

By the Way: In 2016 I saw Azazel jumping and begging, nearly dancing, before my Mind’s Eye, shortly before I thought of Azazel having Potential to be “my Spy” but who am I truely?

Azazel forced a now having left Facebook-Colleague to pray to God to make him again an Angel.

In Quran is published that Azazel argued with others that only before the one which no other one than himself has created.

“Nur vor dem, der nicht erschaffen wurde, soll man sich verneigen.”

Against all scientifical Propaganda:
My Gnosis is that Jehova is Atum and every highest God else, unimportant who has benefits and profit with spreading that the Jews after Kemet worshipped a small Deity of the Desert which was misunderstood to become YHWH in comparability with ancient Atum who is a pre-abrahamitic Self like palestinian “Deity” patched together from different Lores.

The Infos are to be read differently but the outcome of these “Gods” in their Importance is of equal value. My Gnosis is that the difference are artificial in relation to their understandability.

The Creator is nothing else than himself and the best Image of him is Atum, the one who created himself alone.

Rushed through different kinds of content not obviously related but remember me.

Allhail the Seekers without poor Egos. You’re getting big and heavy in Wisdom.

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