I'm lost

I don’t know how to do Magick I don’t know I feel really incapable to do something and I want to try things this page peaked my curiosity in this stuff I’m a psychic vampyre I used it three times and. Stopped because it wasn’t healthy someone reacted that feeding on poeple brings negative side effects that was actually the only thing I knew how to do that’s the reason why I now feel a bit lost

I personally need a lot of details before I feel capable so steps would be a nice

I like to learn to see my or others Godform

And after that maybe some of you know what path to choose or have some type of guide for how to choose a type of Magick chaos or divination or something

For the later reactions I can’t thank you enough


There’s a whole host of threads for you to learn from and dive into:



I think this is what you should work on. Work on your confidence, you can do Magick. It’s a learning experience and can be amazing. So work on your confidence then start working on some of the basics.


Why would you allow that to make you stop? So what if someone said it brings negative effects…instead of giving up, do a bit of research to see what you can do to prevent or counter those supposed negative effects.

Hey, if feeding off people worked for you, then why stop??? Why feel lost?? What allow what a few strangers said throw you off?? Don’t feel lost, get right back in there, figure out what you need to do to protect yourself from those negative effects and do you.

Seriously man…

Don’t let anyone or anything ever make you feel like you want to give up on your magick or make you feel lost. Don’t allow this to cause you to question yourself. What you did worked. Take a gander at some of the threads, especially the ones for beginners, learn the basics of protection, learn a bit more about vampirism, whatever else you need to learn. There’s a whole world out there to conquer, get up and handle it…

Good luck :bouquet:


You have a good list started. Best thing to do is start out picking what you want to do first. Then research the heck out of it and then find your own groove and what feels right with it.

Let me ask you of all you want to do what is the one thing that you want to learn/do the most.


You can do magic. You can do whatever you want/wish! I’d recommend to do some inner work, also remind yourself and KNOW that you can do magic, you are more than capable. & experiment with magic do fun things.
Encourage yourself to practice.

You’ve got this, don’t let anyone discourage you and tell you different. Just keep going and stay relaxed. Enjoy the moment, try to experiment slowly and be open to all types of experiences.


I know that’s stupid to stop with something because someone said it but that’s the reason why I made this post I want to learn but I’m a information person I like to explore and so my research on this but on the internet there is a lot of mis information about this and just people saying what it is instead of explaining how to push you’re psychic vampyre limit’s and because the only good information comes from this website and my limited knowledge about all of this makes it impossible for me to distinguish truth from bullshit

I’ve scoured the internet a lot of times multiple hours before I found this forum I found some pages about what psychic vampyres are and a lot of pages about that they are narcissists who just sucking the life out of you with demands with manipulation with making you feel like you’re the victim

There is one thing I absolutely hate mis information

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Thanks that’s a very grounded awnser on the subject of choosing what Magick to practice I think I’m just overthinking this a bit too much


Which is completely understandable. You can literally do anything you desire, but it’s overwhelming to start. Take a deep breathe and think about your heart’s desire and start there. Good luck!