I'm lost

Ok I’m lost. I know that spirits are capable of doing bad and good but now after hearing some experiences from others who had bad experiences with spirits I’m kinda hesitant in doing anything that has to do with them but i also have read about the good experiences too overall I’m confused and stuck but i also don’t wanna stop working with them or give up on this cause i really like what I’m doing. I have always had an attraction to the spiritual stuff even when i was young but I’m stuck now so i would like some advice on this thanks.


Have you ever worked with humans? Ive heard some bad stuff humans can do if you even associate with them. But also there are good things that humans can do.

My point is that a human can kill you. A spirit can kill you. If you can tolerate humans apply the same logic to spirits.


Hmm it does makes sense. Thanks :slight_smile:

Why? It might help someone else with the exact same question. :+1:


Yea your right. :blush:

The thing is that they know your intention before you go to them, so in a way you are lying and betraying yourself, by “staying aways from spirits that have been given negative rating” if you are truly intrested of their essence…


I don’t usually judge anyone with a negative mindset whether they’re humans or spirits. I always go with a open and positive midset but after reading stuff my stupid self got easily sacred but yea your right i shouldn’t stop myself from doing something i love.


I would also look for beginner friendly spirits, too. That can help ease the way.

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Hesitation is not always a bad thing, as it is important to evaluate the risks vs gains. It is only a problem in its extreme, where you are unable to do anything out of fear of any drawbacks at all.

I woukd spend some time learning how to protect yourself as well as banish. You are not going to get along with every spirit so it is important to learn how to defend yourself and hold your ground


I would like to learn it in a way that’s secretive cause i don’t wanna be caught by my chirstian family also is salt water good for protection?

Salt water is good for purification. So i would think so. As for secret practice, candles and incense. Because they just smell good and are nice naturally. Also oils are good to help set the mood and they smell good. Crystals look nice and are pretty so you can blame the looks as why you have them. Most things can be explained that way to help you. As for the spirits just use their names. Sigils help but sometimes are not needed. Hoped this helps.


Lol i do keep my sigils in my secret box where i used to write a diary on all the info and my thoughts on winx club but i lost it which is sad but kinda helped me to hide my stuff also Oooo i like your profile pic it’s soo cute ^-^

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I’ll piggyback off of what @Nimosdomus said. They’re going to be smaller, random thoughts.

You can also work on your astral projection skills and practice there. That leaves no evidence.

You don’t need materials for meditation or energy manipulation skills.

If you’re going to do a petition ritual, you can write it on toilet paper and flush it down the toilet.


Oh we don’t use toilet paper um We use water also how do i do all the other stuff other than meditation as i know meditation. So sorry if I’m asking too much

Just do a search on the forum. The petition ritual is found in the tutorials list.
Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory ~ Beginners, Check This Out! :+1: - General Discussion - Become A Living God


Thank you. I like yours aswell

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Aww thanks :smile:

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Your quick witted responce, that killed me, :rofl: thank you lady eva, I really needed that today

It was not just quick witted response. She helped me with being comfortable around people (as i have issues with talking to others) so yeah she’s awesome indeed