I'm looking for information about Obiriron

Who has information about him? I can’t find anything about such a demon.

It’s a qliphotic army/demon, of the sign of Libra:

“Obiriron- Libra/Justice- Destructive energy, to form new beginnings, or makes spells end, to draw in energies to form and send, refine and manipulate powers, to prevent things from moving to quickly, destroy energies that try to harm”

“Libra-Abiriron-(The Clayish Ones)- To create links, to combine a force, to create strife, make arguments, attack something, catch a thief, attract something, domino effect, sending forces elsewhere, creating the opposite of something, balancing anything”

(Note: there are two variations of the name because in Hebrew, Aleph can be pronounced a couple different ways)

“22. Libra-Abiriron-A demon to make something backfire on someone else, to screw someone over”

It’s also worth mentioning that kab alistically, Libra is assigned to the letter Lamed, which is the letter of the Justice Arcana, (Libra being it’s sign).

“22. Justice-Lafcurisax- justice and defense, to bring judgment, curses, teaches dark magick karma of something, repelling magick, deflection, to unbalance something”

You could use the justice arcana as a focal point to connect to Obiriron.

It would also help to be versed in the sign of Libra, more specifically it’s darker aspects for reference and association.



What is the source of this information?


I don’t have the book handy to check, but I’m pretty sure there’s reference to the “qliphotic” princes of the zodiac in qabalah, qliphoth, and Georgia by Thomas karlson.

Doesn’t go in depth, but if the qliphoth is a mirror of the sephiroth shadowed, then it’s not hard to work out all the associations and create a framework of reference to go by.

All the Kabbalistic stuff comes in handy sometimes

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