I'm living in an alternative reality (when I sleep)

Hey everyone!!

These past 2 nights I’ve felt my soul enter a new reality…I believe it was an alternative version of me, that I’m quantumily entangled with. The reason this being is because when I took over my alternate self I was able to feel, hear, & think what he was at the time.

This alternative version of me is younger than I currently am. I’m almost 22, he was 17.

Now this alternative dimension I was in was brighter than ours. The colors, the sounds…everything was just…brighter. But also not to mention there was a lot more shades of brown as well…almost like a tint of brown to everything. But more of a light brown not a dark, or fecal brown. One more thing to mention is that the Earth I was on, has a lot more nature on it than ours.

It was autumn in that universe. The first time I took him over I was at what looked exactly like my old high school, but there were tree roots coming up, & all over the ground, vines, tree branches, & leafs all over the walls & ceilings, but they were infused with the buliding. Everything was still fully functional. The bells, doors, lockers… Everything. I took him over just as he was closing his locker, & his world’s best friend, (a girl I’m no longer friends with but had a massive crush on back in the day) was their waiting for him, & smiling brightly.

She asked me if I was okay, & grabbed my arm. I looked around, & she said that my eyes themselves went black, & that when I came back through my eye color was completely different then what she’s ever seen before. (I have naturally bluish-green eyes that shift depending on my mood) I asked her what she meant, & she said my eyes were apparently naturally Hazel, then went on to describe the bluish-green of my eyes in that moment. I told her everything was fine, & it took her a mint, & I knew she didnt believe me, but she went with it anyway.

We walked into class, & everyone I use to know was there, & they all looked at me asking if I was okay. I said I was, & we continued into learning.

Not that long after that I felt like I was being sucked up by a massive vacuum, & then arrived back into my body, promptly waking up.

Last night I had another expierence of going into my alternate body. I appeared in what was his front yard, & his version of my mom, sister, & that same girl ran up to me hugging me…Now before I say what they said to me, I seen a paper blowing in the wind with my face on it. Hazel eyes…

They told me I had been missing for 5 days!! They said I disappeared out of thin air in the middle of the class I was in when I took him over the first time…I didn’t tell them about the expierence of being sucked back into my own reality. But it was way to real to be a dream

The air felt so crisp against my skin. The sun shines so differently than ours. The smells were so much different…Everything felt so hightened. I will post more of my expierences when they happen but it was completely freaky.

When traveling to that dimension I felt that same vacuum feeling but more like I was being pulled forward then pulled back… I seen all the stars, & galaxies as I went forward into the bright white light which I could only assume is the demensional barrier between our world, & the world I went too.

My guess is that the universe I was in is almost 5 our Earth years newer than theirs but the difference in time

It was really freaky, & leading up to the first, & second expierences, I felt my Magick surge inside of my body before I went to sleep


Wow that is a good experience.

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Thank you!!

Have you ever experienced anything like this??

No i have not

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I have also been switching over to parallel universes in my sleep. I have two time lines that I have been in for the past 2-3 years that have an over lapping here. On a bright note, I just look at it as multi tasking!


That sounds like a lot!! What do you mean by it overlapping here??

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Generally when these things happen, there is an overlapping where each reality is some how dependent on another. I’m literally taking it night by night.

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That sounds so wild!!

I think the reality I’m slipping into is completely independent of this one…When you travel, are you still you or are you living as someone else entirely??

I get visions of the parallel reality that would have been if I made certain decisions, I feel them so strongly too , it feels like nostalgia I haven’t even experienced , so we are all in this quantum web of reality possibilities free to walk what we choose lol


It’s weird because it is me in every reality only alternate in certain ways. For instance, where I live is different but I am still with my husband and my other family exist also.