I'm in the process of moving... what should i do with my magickal tools?

So in 20 something days from now me and my parents are moving out of this house and to another state. The thing is we’ll be stuck with family for a little while as we search for another house. This is the first time ive ever moved anywhere. Im in the process of packing away stuff for it to be ready for the move. But what should i do with my magical stuff? I don’t have a lot, just an athame (homemade), crystals, a pentagram necklace (again, homemade) my playing cards for divination, and incense, and a little bag that has things from my spirit marriage ritual (part of an incense cone and a marriage certificate). I know the things like playing cards and incense could look innocent enough, but what i worry about is my family members snooping in my stuff while boxes are at their houses (some can be nosy, seriously).

Any advice?

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Wrap the athame and crystals in a sweater or t-shirt and bury them at the bottom of a box or suitcase of clothes. Same can be done with the necklace and marriage keepsakes.

It would be very rare for a family member to bother to dig through an entire box of clothes to discover them.


Could you mail them to a trusted friend?

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Unfortunately i cant. The only “real world” friend i have lives in a college dorm and shes got roomates that may interfere with that

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When I was younger I had a dictionary that I cut the interior of to make a secret compartment for some of my peculiar items. That way no one is the wiser. I’m sure any large/unused book would suffice. I’m sure if you don’t have much it should all fit in there. You could probably take the incense out though, as it’s commonly used in most households.


When I was in this situation, I used a locking trunk. (And hoo boy, did I have a LOT of stuff to hide. Jewelry, cards, about a dozen books…)

As backup, I stored them in the bottom, with out-of-season clothes piled on top. If anyone asked about the lock (no one did), I was prepared to explain that the latch popped a lot (true) and show them a glimpse at the clothes stuffed inside.

Note: it had a combination lock, so keys weren’t a concern, and only I knew the combination.