I'm in love with a warlock, can anyone help?

Hello Everyone :>

There is a really sweet guy I want to start a relationship with. He is known as Thackory and hes a warlock on a very interesting path. Thack and I have talked, went out, and hung out for about 2 years now, i’d say he and I have a pretty deep connection. Not too long ago I brought up the discussion of magick and how I wished it was real. I told him I did rituals and spells when I was younger more so as a joke then taking it seriously. He then brought up his magick, family history, and what he works on. I was absolutely astounded by this, I never thought of him to be a warlock at all. But because of him I decided to look back and ask some questions about myself and what I’ve experienced in my life as I’ve had quite the history with supernatural stuff. He sort of is my mentor in all of this, guiding me on what to do and what not to do. Anyway, I’ve tried to make some moves, flirt, and just generally be around him more but nothing seems to attract him to me. I was wondering if there were any spells or rituals to attract a man to another man, but most of the spells/rituals I’ve found are dedicated to heterosexual relationships. (Same with a lot of gods.) The spells I did find were from questionable sites. Another problem is that he might be able to detect something like this. He’s been doing this stuff since he was young and if he found out I did something like trying to attract him to me with magick i’m sure he won’t be very happy.

Another another problem (lol) is that I’ve found that many people here use demons, I’ve had past experiences with them but utilizing them for a spell to attract some I love seems a bit “dangerous”. I really don’t want anything to harm him or the people in his life. I might use a demon for help if it is known to be safe, but other gods, entities, and such would help as well. I would be very happy to have an amazing relationship with Thackory, i’d even sell my soul to whoever just to do so >:( !

Anyway, thank you for reading. I hope a couple people on here could help me with the problems and situation mentioned above. Wish me luck ;>


Magick will work in non-heterosexual situations just fine. Some have even reported attracting presumably straight people with magick, though I’d be careful about getting too attached to that notion.

Before suggesting any rituals or spirits, I want to say that I doubt you are in love with this individual. My guess is that you are merely infatuated and lusting after him. There is nothing wrong with this, but it is a feeling that is relatively quick to arise and subsequently fade with a small amount of time.

If you are open to working with demons, my personal choice is Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose. Magickal Seduction by Damon Brand may be more appealing to you if you prefer other kinds of spirit.

I should also point out that if he is good with magick (which I assume that he is), he will likely notice that he is under magickal influence. I cannot say how he will respond to that, however. He may go along with it, he may be irritated or upset, or he may simply be amused and let it go.

If you want to keep him as a friend and possibly mentor, it may be best to move on and use magick to find new partners. Some can remain friends while also having sex, and if that describes you then by all means don’t allow me to impede upon your life, but for many it can become a messy complication.

Also, if any book or spirit demands that you “sell your soul” or become their loyal servant or some other such nonsense, find better magick (unless you enjoy being taken advantage of).


Thanks for the help but I know my feelings for him are true. I don’t want him just for sexual favors, I want a real relationship. I just don’t know any other way to get his attention. I’m pretty sure he knows I have some sort of attraction to him. He just doesn’t acknowledge it in any way. I know for a fact it isn’t just lust because I feel like something is there.

Have you tried building a relationship with the Goetic spirit Amon?

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What about Zepar or Sitri?


So you like this guy, you have flirted with him, but you have yet to make any moves onto him. What I’m saying by this, is that instead of going straight to magick to solve this problem, is try just going up to him and telling him how you truely feel about him.

Maybe take him somewhere that he likes, make the scene romantic, then just unload all of those feelings and thoughts you have about him to him. Tell him like you like him.

If he says no, or that he’s straight or something, then you have two options. You can either use magick to attract him to you, or you can let it go, remain friends, and go and find a different guy to date.

Best of luck.


I agree with @anon95495734…just tell him how you feel.

Also…I ask…is he Gay as well?


Your right, I usually go to magick to solve my problems since I don’t really have control over a lot of situations. Maybe this will work, I know he is bi and he’s had a history with both genders. I’m sure if I tell him how I feel it’ll be more “real” than just using magick and either getting caught and losing him or feeling guilty about the results. Thank you very much, I’ll definitely give it a shot. Let’s hope it goes well :>


I know for a fact he likes both genders, I hope that his feelings are aligned with mine. I’m hoping for the best ^-^


Got ya! Well, then, I’d say just go for it. Find a way to approach it in a way that won’t have too much pressure.

I once had to tell a friend that I really liked him. I met him in a cafe, had normal conversation, geared the conversation that way. When I finally came out with him, he let me know that he valued our friendship but didn’t see me in any way more than that.

I accepted it and moved on. That was three years ago and we are still very good friends. If you don’t make it awkward…it’ll go well…whatever he says

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Wow. That is amazing, i’m very happy you two still hold a wonderful friendship. I’m hoping if it does go south that we at least stay friends. But i’ll keep my thoughts positive, i’m sure this’ll definitely work! :>


I’ve never heard of Amon, Zepar, or Sitri. Mind telling me a bit about them? I would love to know more :>

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I’m sure it will work out just fine!

The key is respect and honesty.

If you all have been hanging out for two years…there’s no reason for it to go south like that!

Good Luck!