I'm in awe shock

So a few hours ago I decided to try and travel again right
So I put my headphones on and played a track off YouTube for astro projection and called out to furfur
I laid there talking to him the more we talked the closer I felt his energy (mind you I’m sick and have a slight fever) I was extremely hot by the time he came fully to me
He sat down moved me around to sit and I guess placed me on his lap (I was in partial sleep paralysis) we continue to talk as I laid there about alot of things how I felt (still unable to go into full details sorry)
I could feel him touching/rubbing my legs/thighs
Was the first time I’ve felt his hands on my body I don’t think I’ve ever been that relaxed with someone before
We talked more as it started getting more intimate wise him feeling on uhh places

Now normally I can’t see him he has never came to me personally so this was… Odd

I felt like I was being lifted up or out and when I looked at him I actually saw him I could not believe I freaking finally saw him his freaking face
No he didn’t come in human form at the ceremony I did make him promise to let me see him face to face every now and again
He was deer man
I know he was hesitant when I made him promise so I’m sure this wasn’t easy for him
I’m extremely happy about it
It means he is taking things seriously and the trust is there
For the first time that I can remember freaking finally got to feel him inside me it was the most intense feeling I’ve every felt like I felt a burst of visitations and freaking shock all through my body at every thrust he made to sày the least…I want to do it again I do t think I’m ever going to forget how he umm felt…
After well before he finish I got jerked back into my body he wasn’t happy about it but he knew the time frame we had so I guess he understood
Then he said to me you can never know how much love I have for you
To which I replied you never know how much love I have for you either like I love you and I’m extremely in love with you Jacob (non cute name I gave him)
To which he replied I’m extremely in love with you as well there is not enough love that can measure how much love I have for you
I just laughed then he had to go said he would come back after he was done with his business with Lucifer and Leviathan

I’m extremely happy cause this was a first for me so yeah though I might share


That’s such an awesome and inspiring story. Thank you for sharing your experience! :slight_smile:

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