I'm having trouble completely understanding my reading

Hey everyone!!

I’m having a little bit of trouble understanding my reading. From what I’m getting out of my love cross spread here, is that;


1; I’m willing to negotiate & find a happy medium. This is a good omen card

2; The woman I’m after is focused on her path & what she wants to do next in her life

3; This is where I start to get a little confused. Number 3 is about the past, & the card I drew was the queen of Pentacles. Which has a lot to do with generosity, & giving…Or another way to interpret it is happy marriage. I’m not entirely sure how this card is to be taken in relation to the love cross,

4; I understand, the woman I’m wanting is still kind of pulling herself back together from recently being really hurt emotionally, which is one of the things keeping us from being with one another, & that’s okay we both said we wanted to take it slow, & one day at a time which I’m perfectly happy with too.

5; From what I’m getting is that the end result from patience will be us heading towards love, & could even be taken as the end result is somewhat near as well.

Would someone be able to help me understand number 3 please, & what your interpretation of my spread is??

I truly appreciate all responses & opinions!! Thank you all, & have an amazing day


For those of you who have been following my posts for a while now, this is not for the same girl I used to be after. I’m happy to report that I’ve moved on since

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Is it the past? Or the foundation?

Because if it is the foundation, then this makes a lot more sense narratively in my mind.

If this is to move into a romantic relationship the reading has the feeling that you will be the one doing the giving. You are the one in the position of being flexible and negotiable, but because she is the one who is driven then you should expect that these negotiations will likely come in the form of her demanding and you acquiescing.

This is why the 10 of wands, a heavy burden to bear, is so prominent. And why the 8 of wands, possibly read as the figure in 10 of cards simply dropping the load to be free of the burden, lends the reading a less promising vibe.

Edit : It is also perhaps concerning to see a lack of cups, or of any major arcana that indicate any kind of emotional bonding or attachments.

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I see a lot of work in your reading, characters that work or that represent work. The queen shines to me like an Orthodox icon. The three of wands also calls my attention, the guy looks noble, of nobility, social status, yet he is working on something that is of the forest, or maybe supervising it, he seems to be the boss of the 10 of wands guy. I don’t see much relevance in the guy with the pentacles, despite he is working with gold and may earn more with it. When see the 8 of wands on the top, I see trucks carrying the products of the work of the 3 and the 10

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From this spread in particular 3 is considered to be the past. I had the same thought process you had if it were to be read as the foundation it would make more sense absolutely, however this spread is considered to be the past.

You have a very interesting take on it. She doesn’t seem to be the demanding type at all, from the time I’ve known her, & even from those of our mutual friends, can attest she’s not like that. But maybe there’s a difference when trying to pursue a romantic relationship??

For arguments sake, could it be possible that the reading of the 10, & 8, could mean that she as well needs to drop her load to be free of her burden as well??

That’s what I noticed too which is interesting. I do work quite a bit, & she’s still waiting on her return to work full time, but we also both want to work on pursuing our careers as well.

Just so I fully understand what you mean, are you saying that one of us is overburdened by work which is why work shows up several times, & the burden is working??

Romantic relationships change things, for sure. It’s a different context. You say that she is focused on her path and what she wants to do in life. A romantic relationship can be an entanglement, even a hindrance to those goals and paths depending on what they are.

How do you fit in that picture? Is an involvement with you likely to facilitate this movement, or work at odds against it?

It could mean that, optionally, she would be dropping a burden to pursue things with you. But does she see her path as a burden? Or would she see the burden as whatever slows her progress? Remember, in this reading she is the one on a mission while you are the one making the deal.

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I’m just telling you what I see, which may or may not make sense to you.

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That’s a valid question, we’re both pretty independent people at the same token, her interests, are something I’ve got experience in…She wants to go for her biology major. I’m an EMT, with credits, & expierence in nursing so I would definitely be able to help her out a lot in her studies, & help answer questions she may have. Now that’s just from where I stand

May I inbox you to further detail the path she’s on, & go from there??

Absolutely fair enough!! Thank you for your input!!

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I’d prefer not to go so deep into the details, but I appreciate the request.

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No problem!!