Im having effects as well from the Novena

So Im trying to get my ex lover back with La Santisima Muerte since im a devotee. I had let someone with many years of experience do the love work for me (i know her personally). She has used the Novena where my ex will be intranquil and have only thoughts of me until he returns back to me. Im confused as to why im having some of these effects as well? I thought he was supposed to be the one thats effected? Im not intranquil, im just having romantic thoughts of my ex and wishes he was by my side.


If she has done the Inyranquil Spirit spell, you will also feel the effects of the spell; because you’re also connected to the spell.

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She is doing work to draw us back together, so thats understandable. I been having mood swings from weepy, in love, angry and irritated so i can imagine how hes feeling… Hes the target in this situation.

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can you recommend your friend to me?

She charges a little steep though because shes really good. You can PM me for more info.

Her choice of using the intranquil spirits to get your ex back was a bad move on her part, if that is indeed what she did. Those spirits are spirits of the dead meant to basically torture people. It’s not something you use on someone you actually care about…


I agree with you, @Verdo. Intranquil spirits literally torture people. And isn’t only for making people only think about a specific person, is about making everything on their lives fall. Also, they’re very difficult to banish.


@Isamo_Minami, how difficult?

She didnt use a intranquil spirit, she just used the Santa Muerte novena, a nine day prayer that stated that he will be humililated and repentant, no intanquil spirits were used… The spirit of La Santa Muerte will make him intranquil like until he returns


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Difficult enough for not working with.

I have a honey jar i light red candles on it on fridays for chuparodsa candle spell. Google

UPDATE: My ex has called me and its only been 1 month since the spell was done. So far, so good :slight_smile:


Can you dm me as well please

Hey any updates on your spell ? Do you Mind messaging me ? Would love to get some info on the practitioner you used and whether they would be willing to do some more work.? @AquaGoddess

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@AquaGoddess Can you pm me as well

@AquaGoddess can you tell me who they are?

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@AquaGoddess yes of course