I'm gonna vent. And it's gonna be controversial!

Ok… Ive been in Magick and Working with Lucifer for 4 months… Things started great. They were up and down. But I still got great things with The women I did the obsession spell on… But anyway I wanted her to be mine like committed. But it was just sex and feelings. But no commitments. Now she has been ignoring me. Said no more sex or feelings. We got in a big fight because she started being nice to me so id give her rides to work but when i asked her to hang out she got weird. So I told her I was blocking her number. And not giving her rides to work… Blah blah blah… But anyways I was also praying that Lucifer would make me as beautiful and seductive as he is. And women have been complimenting me alot more. Coming to me. A girl I’ve lusted after a long time actually reached out to me and we hung out the other day and kissed and stuff… But despite all these awesome things I want that Girl so bad. Thats what got me into this in the first place. Im really hoping that Lucifer will mercy me in the blood pact I burnt today and bring her to me. I can’t explain how much I want her… Its wild… I know Owe Lucifer Everything for all he’s Done for me so far. Im very thankful…

I wish I could relate to you on this. I have no desires or attachments to such things. For they are all just temporary pleasures. You used the word “Lusting” so in your mind this is just going to be using her for conquest. No judgements though, I promise.

Lucifer provided what you asked for so why didn’t you ask for her originally?

If you don’t know the why, it’s not going to happen. Hopefully it’s something you were able to articulate to Lucifer.

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I asked that he would make her obsessed, lustful and in love with me originally but I saw it and it would go away… We were so close to her being mine and then she took a hard turn the other way… Ive never been attracted to a girl like this… Im really hoping its just a temporary thing that she breaks down and comes to me through his power.

But he came through in areas for times and the great sex for sure… It was some of the greatest nights of my life.

Here’s my response, you’re not going to like hearing it! You have to do the work, you have to improve, you have to constantly work with them and level up. Being beautiful and seductive is not enough for love and a long term relationship. Do you think Lucifer would have as many lovers if he were nothing more than a pretty face and convincing words? Emotional intelligence is EVERYTHING when working with women. I’d ask him to work with you on this for now. Get into their mind, into their heart, and they will throw themselves in your bed.


The Art of seduction :books:

I tend to stand back from this sort of thing for many reasons. Probably the biggest one - the wrong ‘yes’ is far worse in my opinion than a dozen 'no’s (an SO with personality disorders, insecurities, or even just one with no idea who they are - super common these days - let alone no idea who you are, can wreak havoc on your life) and it seems like the moment you show that you can’t drool over and want someone just on eye-sight you’re friend-zoned which mean if there’s any additional complexity over answering pulls at the waste you’re out of the runnings. I’ve gotten the funny sense that deities won’t often make better choices for us than we can make for ourselves, or at least if they can I might be working with the wrong deities!

More sex on one level would be good but the caveats I’d put around it - like most importantly: must be someone whose life I add to and they add to mine - narrows the field quite a bit. Hoping she’s a huge inner-world introvert who can see that in me accurately also fractions that short list yet again.


He placed some one better in your life that was the at more compatible to you hopefully you don’t just use this girl for conquest cause well u wanted her for a reason as if thunder had struck you and time stopped make her yours by taking it slow having a good time going out to eat movie or something being nice with Wonderful compliments