I'm gonna do it

After trying for almost a hundred times, I’m giving up on doing this on my own. I had to give up astral projection and go down to simple lucid dreaming. But it’s not working because I’m not dreaming anymore. Either I don’t remember or they were not vivid enough for me to make out the details. All I wake up to is remembering darkness. Lucifer’s name and sigil keeps popping up everywhere. The last thing I remember dreaming about is him, his name was just floating around in my mind. In the dream, I heard his name countless time. His name in words was floating before me. His sigil everything about him. Then from there on, my dreams just became blank. I know he couldn’t be mad at me because I give him offerings and he seems pleased with them. With lucid dream, I’ve tried phantom wiggling and I can feel my fingers moving around on their own, but not my physical. That’s how far I go. Nothing beyond that. I heard that Lucifer works with improving ones astral senses, astral projection etc. I can’t do evocation/invocation because my astral senses aren’t enhanced enough. I’m gonna do what I think he wants and have him possess me. Only for a while. But I have no idea how to. Does anyone have any methods for possession? I’m just not getting enough information from reading.


From my understanding of it possesion is a saturation of a spirits energies and consciousness in the body. So you may wanna start with evocation and invocation to work on building that link. Also the info in the link below may give some insights if ya are hittin roadblocks.

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