I'm giving out tarot readings for practice

If you’re looking for more practice, I’m down for a general reading. If you’ve got enough on your plate over there, then skip me.

I’d love to get a reading about a new relationship I’m starting. Thank you in advance, it’s so nice of you to give these readings :smiley: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love to get a reading , I private messaged u :slight_smile:

me too.

Hi, I’d apriciate if you do me one too about my relationship with my girlfriend. Thanks, i am learning tarot too… i am still very new, we can exchange reading if you interest to

Welcome @torpedo. I see you joined us in July, but this is your first post. Before asking for readings, please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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May I kindly request you to do the reading for me please?

I need a reading, can you do one for me?

okay the cards is telling me that you’re in a situation where you’re moving on and stepping into fresher water what drives you to spiritually is the Moon which means deception in the seat but it also mean that you could be looking into yourself for answers the next card judgement which is what drives you physically means that you might be looking for a new opportunity in order to avoid stagnation.
the action is justice what stocks are being held accountable for your actions in order to balance out the universes is it always necessary in order to move forward because you can’t run away from your past the
nine of swords this is the time to take action and not wait for an outcome and lastly the outcome be eight of Pentacles talks about you making measurable progress to your goal but Fortune will have little to do with it your dedication and finesse will see you through to the end.


Thank you so much, that’s very accurate with where I’m at right now. I’d love to reciprocate, so if you’d like some cards pulled send me a message :pray:

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May I please get a general reading ? Thanks :slight_smile:

I would like a tarot card reading as well please.

I would like a reading thanks

If you’d still like to practice or are just feeling like doing a reading I’d like a general reading, thanks

I would like a general reading if you don’t mind.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello! Is this still going on? Would you do a reading if I send you a question in PM?

I would like one please!

While I don’t want a reading, I gotta say, we should all thank Jonny_somthing :grinning:

Thanks for giving people insight!


The first card the eight of pentacles tells me that you have made meaningful progress toward your goal and it starting to show. what driving this physical ith the Death which I might mean though lost it giving you more time to look and work on yourself which the hermit go over.
The three of chalices is the action it talks about working in unions with others be truthful and considerate of other needs but the wat the next to cards are spread out it might be difficult for you. The next card four of chalices one of the futures it talks of overindulgence and how life can lose it luster when living in a steady routine. the Alternate future the ten of wands talks of many conflict and danger but at the end of it is success but do not rest for there are more changes to overcome keep pushing forward.

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The first card is ace wands which talk of the spark of a dream or an idea much is required of you for manifest your dream but the payoff is worth it lot of these spread talk of despair and not be forthcoming of about your feeling and ambitions but when did you I felt a hint of fear but could be wrong look pay attention to your surroundings the door is ready for just have to open it which go over seven and eight of swords which is what drives physical and spiritually. The next card the action is the four of wands talks about you reaching a milestone in your life enjoy and be happy. The page of chalices which is one of the outcomes talks of hoarding your emotion give freely to others it will come back to you in a greater form. and lastly, The Hanged Man which I believe its a warning might mean that hard times lay ahead to try to fight but gain insight from it.