I'm giving a friend my Kemetic Magick stuff

So, last year I attempted to take on Kemetic magick. Particularly under Thoth/Tehuti. Alongside Anubis. The problem, however, was that the more I read about Thoth, and the Emerald Tablets, I didn’t feel we saw eye to eye.

Then around Christmas, I went into a pizza restaurant, and noticed my waiter had the eye of Horus on a ring. We traded numbers and have been hanging out. He said that he works with Kemetic magick, and that Bast is his matron. I then decided to give him my Kemetic stuff, after a thorough cleansing of course. Including two pendants, one of Thoth and the other Anubis. I have a book on making hieroglyphic talismans somewhere. When I see him next, I’m hoping to give it to him.

If the Kemetic pantheon reaches out to me later, I might choose to work with them. But so far, I don’t feel very called to. I thought he could use it better than I could.


That is kind of you. Are you drawn to any other type of magick currently?
I have been postponing to do the Thoth rituals from the flesh and feather book, but I really want to be in Egypt to do them

Generally within the following groups.

  1. Ceremonial magick
  2. Norse Magick
  3. LHP type magick.

Right now my focus is on meditation and energy work, but I’m in school and my time management sucks.

Do you have the book names?