I'm curious about other form's perception

I feel dumb asking that but… I suppose no one can’t answer at all but how for example do the spirits know you are a man (if you are)? Can they find apperance features or they looks only into mental ‘things’?

I am asking because I have heard about demons who do work with only one genders or they do prefer to work with one. So, when it comes, does it look at a human like we do or does it looks into energy and can recognize a gender?

That is strange because sometimes when I look into someone’s eyes I can’t find genders, I see non-physical forms which are manifesting as humans being but they don’t own any type of body (by the meaning that rarely they were only men or only women in their past lifes, so they don’t choose any idealogy, they just use body which they receive for a life). So?

They know because they come to you. the energetic layer of the physical.

Even demons and other races have genders either men, women, both, neither, other, etc.

So knowledge is from ‘energy check’?

In my past some people from internet who were into magic used to tell me I’m a man because my energy was male. Something could change and they were people but I’m thinking about what’s more important, genitals or general energy’s feature.

They can see your physical form by going to the energetic layer of our physical, if they read your energy your energy/spiritual self does not always match your physical gender.

Energy can have masculine and feminine properties, similar to yin/yang but it doesn’t always match your physical form.

A friend is physically male, his energy is more masculine, but his soul self is female.