I'm confused and maybe a little lost

So it’s not easy for me to talk about it, but I feel like I’m failing on this path, I’ve been practicing mostly evocations for a few months, and since then I have not progressed much, I feel stopped, sometimes I do not think even one of them “went with my face”, I have no doubts about the path I chose to walk, I just do not know what has been happening to me these last months, sometimes I think it may be a spirit that is nervous with me, sometimes I think that it may be because now I love with all my heart one of them, I do not know, my head of a thousand laps, every day I make my reflections and I can not get anywhere, I try to meditate on it and seek on me same the answers, but I’m failing day after day, sorry this was just an outburst.

Don’t feel discouraged. Everyone has moments like this.

Magick is one of those things that takes a while to get the hang of. Some people don’t see progress for years. The important thing is that you keep practicing. Eventually, you’ll get there.


What else do you do besides evokation? Do you wear Harry Potter Robes with ornate chalices and wands made of exotic woods? Do you use special Power Word chants?

Do you have amy other practices on the side?

Good luck with whatever you are trying to achieve. Just dont give up.

OP asked to have account deleted, so I’ll close this now. Thanks for all replies. :+1: