I'm afraid could've made Dantalion angry with me

Last year i started working with Dantalion. I started doing aome evocations, giving him offerings after them and trying to communicate. My senses are not open but i had started to get some results, like feeling some presence with me, flashing images in my head and feeling somehow protected. A lot of stuff happened and i didn’t have the correct time or energy to work constantly with him, so i only let him offerings time to time by night.

I started to trying to work with him now and I’ve not had success, it’s like communication got totally blocked, i just can’t feel anything or something happens and I have to stop the work (as example, some minutes ago i was trying to meditate on his sigil and a fly started to bothering to the point i couldn’t concentrate, and stuff like that has started to happen all the time). I’m not sure if somehow i did something that offended him or he doesn’t want me to contact him anymore. I’ve ask for some signal but as i said, it’s like all form of communication was cut and i got nothing.

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Spirits come and go, return later, keep an eye on and there is always a contact. Once you had contact with a demon you are forever connected to him. That’s the beauty of working with the demonic


This stuff happens. Heck there’s been entire books I’ve had zero success with, that people rave about. Then go back to them a year later and have amazing success too. Work with someone else and come back later is my only hands on advice.

Hopefully someone else has better insight cause I’d love to know the secret to wheb this happens :sweat_smile:


So it might be that it’s not the moment to work with him? I had no idea that happened, i just got stressed because i was afraid that maybe the offerings i gave to him when i couldn’t evoke were not appropriate or something like that :persevere:

So i guess i should give it some time before trying again :frowning:


Exactly, let it flow :blush: @anon52885131

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There’s no need to be disappointed, try different entities. keep a ritual journal so you know exactly what your offerings are if you get what you ask for.


Don’t go down the road of “doesnt like me, I’ve upset”

Nothing more limiting than us identifying with limiting or fearful beliefs

I have a whole range of entities most on here are having success with - I haven’t connected… so I’m just going oh ok, let’s find something that does for now and be patient and in time I’ll get to that. Like if a friend doesn’t pick up my calls, I could take it personally… or I could simply try later and not bother thinking anything beyond “ok, not now - who’s free?”


Sometimes it is exactly what we need! Or even are looking for- pushes us in directions that are more effective I think for us at the time. Down roads that bring us knowledge we are seeking. Things that might make it all make far more sense when we return to what we had no success with. Like a detour for a piece of the puzzle we needed to complete the jigsaw :jigsaw:


That makes a lot of sense. Dantalion had always feel like a really embracing spirit when i contacted him, that’s why the suddenly disappearance of him made me afraid. I guess he feels like now i need something different for the stuff that’s been happening in my life.

Curiously I’ve had some signals that i could work with Belial, who I’ve read it’s totally the opposite and sometimes can be a bit too hard with his methods, but i have to give it a try


Yeah that’s really true, just like human relationships go in cycles of closeness and distance.

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Yeah that’s good advice think of it like you’re own secret formula for magickal success.

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Maybe he just letting you walk on your own now, maybe u went from crawling like a baby to finally walk, now you as a growing person can learn many other abilities like we dont just use our legs to walk or run, but kicking, ridding bicycle, play sports and dance. Same with these kind of things

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