Ill pray to Lucifer to bless you. If you predict this correctly!

So I woke up one morning and had a very strong impulse to message an old crush named Lashaughn and tell her I wanted to take her on a date. I haven’t talked to her in a while or seen her in years. I did a blood and semen spell. Will you tell me if she will become obsessed with me? She agreed to go on the date. And she told me she used to have a crush on me! Message for any details you need!

Not an expert on these type of magics but I feel like if it worked she would contact you? If she doesn’t have your number text her and probe it’s really the only way to knw

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I don’t understand what the rest of us have to gain in this…


Well, I guess you have to just wait and see.


This is why divination is the first skill to study when doing magick…


I’m trying soo hard not to write a mean two-letter answer here.

No seriously, beside that question:

I do wonder what is in for you?
How would you benefit from someone predicting your future right? Will it change your outcome? No.

I think the real reason you made this thread is your lust for result and the desperate need of hearing from someone “Yes, she will be obsessed with you.” But that’s not how it works.
Relax, be patient and let your magick work.


What is the point of us all being on a forum and communing with each other and having each others talents at our finger tips if we are gonna use snarky remarks to jab at each other instead of help each other. I have very high success with lust spells. If someone needs help. I offer advice. I don’t come on here and act high a mighty. We should be on here working together. So thank you to the people who inboxed me. And to all the other people maybe you should be for others and helpful instead of being negative.


I think he was just asking a question not being negative.

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I did an obsession spell on this girl. I just wanted anyone who has a psychic gift to tell me if my obsession spell worked. And was saying message me for any details you need. Part of it’s because I wanna see someone psychic gifts at work in my life.

I’m not the OP. I questioned it because the thread was so hyper-focused that it didn’t really seem to pertain to anyone else.

Yeah I know, I was just quoting you. Maybe that seemed like I was talking to you, sorry.

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No worries.

If u do semen. /blood using wood u be in successs, if do candle mix and u own words well it take 2,to 4 weeks,

I’m not gonna say anything negitive but it is best to wait for results how ever you have already seen a start of it working so in short yes but not what you quite expect