I'll be leaving for awhile

I probably won’t be back here for quite awhile. I have come to the standpoint where I really do need to work on myself. I want to come back a self experienced person; one who tested all of his theories that he laid forth on this forum, and one who realizes himself to be a living God. Right now i’m working on the mantras for each chakra. I’m at about 25,000 repetitions of LAM everyday and want to reach 1,000,000 of every chakra by next year. I hope to bring back with me everything I will have learned at that time so I may further help my fellow forum members with their ascent.

I’d still occasionally be on the forum, but sparingly.

Well, I will see all of you later and good luck on your ascents to become living gods!

Holy crap! I can’t even imagine…

Hang in there, I’ll be waiting to hear about the results, and I’ll be disappointed if you don’t follow through.

I wish you good luck.
Have you noticed any changes since you’ve started the mantras?
I’ve been using a mantra of all the words of power for each chakra stringed together (lamvamramyamhamommmm) to open myself up more for spirit contact and have noticed it makes communication easier.
I’m stoked to hear about your results!


I’ll definitely follow through. As for changes, I’ve noticed more sensitivity. I haven’t said much yet, but I will. I just came to respond

Updates: Getting some feedback from Orismen pertaining to the repetition of the “LAM” Mantra. He says he gets mad for no reason. There is that primal force within that chakra.

Success so far.

I will hit 200k of each mantra by the end of the month. Will report back then.

It is more like a bind seething rage. I have had to sit down and talk myself down to the point where I am calm enough to meditate and reel myself back.

It is very animalistic, like rip-a-man’s-throat-out-with-my-teeth…
I am at 30,000 repetitions and I should be at 100,000 by the end of Monday at the latest.