I'll be back

Dear BALG,

I regret to inform you that starting today I have officially hit a point in time that I have been hinting at for the last 2 months to many of you.

Because I’ve never really given an official disclosure, I’m hoping this list of reasons will serve to better explain my situation thoroughly before I disappear, and why this is more or less required of me at this time.

Powerful rituals have triggered deep changes, and this is one change of transformation in my life I must go through a this moment in time.

Aside from the FWB benefit and my personal affairs with my friends, I have zero real commitments here as of now.

I’m taking a leave of absence, and I’m doing this for several reasons.

  1. The amount of time I have put into being here, is starting to take away from a lot of important things I’ve called spirit into my life for.

And over the past 2 months, I’ve gotten a number of signs that I was supposed to do this. However, I wanted to make a sort of last hoorah with my posts, and talk to a few friends and gradually accept that I was going to say goodbye to something I really loved for a while.

  1. I come here and say a lot of things to try and empower your own practice…But I feel like at this point even though I’m “helping” many of you, you guys regularly shock me with what you bring to me. I don’t need to empower anyone, you need to empower yourself. I say this, because it’s my quest as well. It’s really part of a deeper commitment to my work and to do my own thing.

  2. I will still occasionally post, however, I really don’t feel like my presence is a necessity to anyone’s development at this point that I need to make massive posts. Many served a purpose to teach and meet others here. My path working is becoming a lot more secretive and inclusive. It’s being made known to me, that I need my workings to be made known only to those who are relevant to the workings at hand.

This twist, is why I will sort out my affairs in PM and quietly depart without any more fanfare than what was already given, because I already was given quite a bit of it when I wanted it, and the PMs are mounting and more important anyway.

  1. My life has changed dramatically Since E.A. did the ritual at Magickall. Anyone who partakes in the Azi Dahaka ritual should know, this is going to intensely effect your life and your alchemy of the soul well after you’ve left the ritual circle. It will also, ignite whatever changes you ask for in your life and put them into form with incredible ease. Part of this is dealing with other people, and is not about being solitary much to the chagrin of many (PM me if you want contact).

  2. I will return fully when this transformation is complete. I until then I will at least uses the search function more than I post. Especially over the next several months because I plan to develop myself and my ideas more than I talk about them.


Basically, I have to take the reins of everything in life, and I’ll be back when I have something to say for it, or something important in BALG affairs to take part in.

I have asked for things over a period of time, and now that Eric has done the Azi Dahaka ritual at Magickall, I have to say I feel like my entire set of priorities in life has been shifted by the changes it has brought.

After that ritual…

Everything I’ve asked for has snowballed at incredible speed. I’m leaving to cash in on everything E.A. and the rest of you guys taught me.

My workings are secret, but if I was to distill my experience down to one sentence…

This is about balancing spiritual and physical in an attempt to become god, in a way that my spiritual life will not be able to eclipse my physical life.

This is what spirit has shown me, and this is my intention.

I’m going to embark on a quest of what E.A. describes as “exponential growth”. So if you will miss me do not despair…

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

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Take care.

Farewell, and for the record your posts have indeed taught me well.
I would say good luck, but I doubt you will need it for you are already a god!

Ohh man, all I can wish you is success! Ill miss your memes lol…

We’re going to miss your insight, Frater A. I’m sure whatever your endeavor, you’re going to find success, and I can’t wait to hear about it when you return!

Finally is just the beginning. Good Luck and Good Hunting.