Ignorance of the mundane, Retreating to your inner calm

Not trying to start any fights or put people in a bad mood, but have you all ever noticed that once your life becomes solely about the LHP, solely devoted to your acsension and education on everything that is not of this mundane world, that the actual mundane world around you becomes quite annoying. I find myself way more than usual lately, being annoyed by the mundane world and everyone who is not a magician or not attuned to the higher sense of self. Objective observation, sitting in the background and merely watching everyone else and how they think, act, live is revealing just how crazy the sheeple really seem to be. Does anyone else feel this way? I have always known this about ordinary people and have been bothered by this, but lately I realize the extent of how annoying it really is.

Magick seems to make you more aware, in more ways than one. Not just spiritually, emotionally, and inituitively, but as a whole. We magicians don’t seem to feel a need to participate in human minded nonsensical battles because we know, life is what we make of it, not what we are given and told to deal with. I was once one of the ordinary, so I understand how frustrating it is thinking you must live with the crappy hand you are dealt and can do nothing to change it.

During ascension, has anyone else found themselves starting to feel utter repulsion and disgust for the mundane? I don’t mean you start hating everyone that’s not like you, I mean you suddenly realize how pointless the meaning of their existence is to them, that they have nothing creative and inventive to do with their free time, so they resort to being nosey and starting violent debates online. I now realize, since finding my new contentment and serenity thru black magick, that we black magicians are actually the peaceful ones, we sit on the sidelines observing this madness as we know that destiny can be changed, while the others war with one another longing to feel like gods but they know not the secrets we know, so to them achieving godhood is more of a childs game of who can win the most arguments.

How do you like to retreat to your inner calm when you have these feelings? Drawing seems to help me space out, and very loud rhythmic metal music. It’s funny that everyone else thinks we magicians are the ones who are supposedly insane and violent as is clearly NOT the case.

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I can relate to that, I feel like that sometimes too.

The way I deal with it depends on how I feel. If I’m feeling cold or introverted, or maybe just annoyed, I simply sit down, listen to some binaural beats(to speed up the process hehe) and meditate. I think meditation is really important regardless of how great or how bad you might be feeling.

But if I’m really troubled or frantic in a way, meditating doesn’t work, then I just read books, listen to music, or do some physical exercise.

Generally speaking, I don’t have much trouble with people anymore, just the random facebook philosophers :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t even care how childish/arrogant/bitchy this sounds, but I pretty much hate most people, and generally only associate with either people in the metal/alternative scene or people interested in the occult.

I have no time for the sheeple whose lives revolve around work, eat, sleep, TV and the latest gossip about Kim Kardashian- they bore the absolute fuck out of me.

But the very worst, imo, are corporate wankers whose entire existence revolves around money. I look at them sometimes and think - are you actually a person or are you a bloody robot?? Seriously, I’ve got so much hatred for those types lol

Retreating to inner silence is something Im working on being more diligent about. It really does help, the other night I literally went from a pissed off rage to being quite elated and optimistic. I think you attraxt the vibes you give off too because whenever I shift like that things just randomly start lining up like blessings, or curses if Im dwelling n negativity. Hate and a murderous heart is good and healthy sometimes but like anything it has its natural dozage you should really surpass…

Serell brings back to mind the old saying of thoughts and words have power. Not just spoken words as needed for magickal endeavors, but thoughts too. I used to be a highly negative, bitchy, hateful person before I discovered LHP, so unhappy with the white magick results that never lasted or weren’t fulfilling enough, finding myself retreating back to the idea that maybe I really can’t change my reality. The more I focused on how much I hated my life, the more bad things happened. I found myself in a downward spiral of eating shit with no toothbrush on hand…figurative shit not literal shit.

Lately, things are turning around. Thinking only positive thoughts, I suddenly have money coming in from several sources, 100% self employed, paid off all my debt, and am now succeeding my original goals. Thoughts and words have power, there is no statement more true than that. The sheep are unhappy, because they FOCUS only on being unhappy.

Oh god, celebrity worship. Rolls eyes What the hell do people see in Kim Kardashian anyway? The woman has NO talent at all. She and her mom and sisters, are only popular because her mom was a gold digging whore that married a wealthy man and got all of his inheritance when he died. Just
like Paris Hilton, no talents, her music is crap, and she is only invited to act in movies for little 2 minute parts where the producers and directors make fun of her right to her face by assigning her really stupid ditzy girl 4 word lines. Since when did inheritance become a basis for fame?

Definitely. The real power is getting beyond the thoughts and words. Those are just outer emanations of my ego, its that inner silence where ‘Serell’ (since I wont say my name) is an alien concept, and everything is brought into startling abstract clarity. I need to discipline myself to return there daily instead of visiting there occaisionally. That is the center of my web from whence I journey out, not the other way around. The vessel writing this now is just one of the many masks my awareness has adorned throughout its incarnations. Hopefully this time around Ill get something worthwhile accomplished and break the chain. Otherwise Ill have to pull a Nodveidt…just kidding