Ifa technique to open 3rd eye are you interested!

Yes we call them ori

  1. TOTAL DARKNESS: Get a room that has toilet, bathroom and kitchen. Use thick blankets to cover all the windows of the room, toilet, bathroom and kitchen to prevent sun ray and moonlight so that it will be total darkness.
  2. NO ELECTRONICS: You will switch off all electronics like world clocks, televisions, phones, computers… during these period.
  3. INITIATION: Shave the hair from your head completely at 12 midnight with a razor blade and burn your hair inside a native pot same time.
  4. CLEANSING: Cut the neck of a black he-goat with a knife, pour the black he-goat blood on your newly shaved head, bury the body of the black he-goat in your compound, put the head of the black he-goat inside the native pot were your bunt shaved hair is. Walk to the nearest four junction barefooted with the native pot, do not look back or talk to anyone and keep the native pot at middle of the four junction. And walk back home without looking back or talk to anyone.
  5. TABOO: You will avoid alcohol, drugs, cigarette, sex, meat and oil food during these days.
  6. CHANT: You should repeatedly chant “Esu Aboru, Esu Aboye, Esu Abosise” while seating comfortably or lying in total darkness.
  7. RESULTS: Individual results are unique to the individual. Post your personal results here.

You must not leave the dark room until your third eye is fully opened and your third eye will be fully opened when you emerged completely with darkness.

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  • Got to other chakras ?? Like the throat chakra ??
  • Can you tell which source you received this knowledge from?

Nigerian babalow that’s all it’s not me work

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Have you done this yet ??

Shaving your head, slaughtering a male goat and taking it’s head and your hair in a vessel to your nearest crossroads?

That’s not going to raise any red flags for “individual results” at allllllll.

I think there are other methods out there that aren’t going to get cops called on you and might do better than a dice roll on whether it will work.


It’s a such thing as freedom to religion and I’m not recommending anyone not involved in ifa to attemp . I was told ifa doesn’t deal with charka but in fact they do just in different words