If you're omnipotent,then why evoke a non-omnipotent spirit to do your work?

In every evocation,the first step is to invoke omnipotence,so that any and all spirits will obey your command.

That said,in that state of omnipotence,why call a spirit which does not possess all power in the universe to do your work,when you can do it yourself?

There are multiple ways to go about practicing magick without spirits,so there’s certainly a way.


I never do such thing, my demons obey me because they consider that I’m worthy of being served and I keep working so they keep having that opinion of me.

You have already made your intro. You do not need to keep putting it in every post.

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The goal is to feel like you are all-powerful; to know that you have the authority and capability to command the spirits that you’re summoning. This doesn’t necessarily translate to actually being omnipotent in the sense of having absolute power over the Universe at large, because you’re right, if that was the case then why bother summoning a spirit in the first place?


4 years later… a post is finally answered. :slight_smile: