If you’ve dreamed of becoming something not human (werewolf,werecat,vampire)

I know people who have done it

But have you seen it with your own eyes? Have they told you how they did it? Without a yes to both of those then you are best to remain skeptical as well.


There’s always doubt, only way to get rid of it is to try


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If you get it and try it, let me know how it went. I’ve been curious about this book, but I can’t get it until the end of summer

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I’ve been shapeshifting in dreams for years. Never heard of this book.

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Sorry, just did

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The book reached and yes, it even has extra information.

I also have the book. It is very good. I haven’t done any of the rituals yet though.

Are you planning to try at least one of them soon??

Dm me

I’ll definitely be doing one of the rituals soon. Maybe within 3-5 months, depending on certain factors.

Awesome! Looking forward to the progress ^^ Please do share the experience you will have because I’m excited to read it hehe

Has OP worked the rituals yet? Since you got it for some time now I assume.

i have the book to :slight_smile:
its very informative indeed and has very detailed rituals.
It even has rules where you have to just read the whole book before doing any rituals

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Those of you with the book…anything? Vids? Pics? Muscle cramps? Been plenty of time. I think Connor Kendal’s experience sums up this topic and why most whould NOT want to pursue it(time,energy unbearable pain etc.) Not to mention lack of real world practical application. What could you do in shifted form? Kill deer? Scare people? Get shot at?

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I’m personally skeptical regarding shape shifting but I’m 100% that illusion projection is possible like making others see you shape shift into a wolf without the use of technology or tricks…
I think it is possible to use magick to trick the brain into seeing things but can I do it ? I don’t know I haven’t tried but is it even possible ? I don’t know

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Who’s that and were his results?

Connor Kendal. Forum member. BALG author. Has several threads/posts on here about the subject matter. El searcho mundo!