If you plan on having a relationship with Goddess Lilith

I just wanted to share a couple of things that have helped me get closer to our Dark Mother. Always tell Her exactly how you feel, speak your truth. Be respectful of course but don’t be afraid. She will respect you more and besides, She already knows your intentions before you present it lol. She loves letters. Write down your feelings and present it to Her. She loves art so draw something for Her if you feel like it. She loves WINE :smile:. Cheesecake is always a plus. One thing She and Goddess Naamah has taught me is to follow your heart and trust your intuition. I hope this helps anyone.


Thank you, yes this does help. You’re right, I noticed not to be afraid of her, only when you make her really mad. Sadly I have to learn the hard way. I once meditated and showed me one of her sigils to use for evocation, as well as a picture of her which I scribbled down. She guided me to draw it and it almost felt like she was guiding me work.


That’s awesome!!! I wish you the best of luck!!

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so, i want to share my experience, lately i build a relationship with Mother Lilith, but i feel confused, everyday after my chant or my communication with her, i just feel peace, and She guides me to be good person, to respect my parents more, to give more, etc etc, really not like what internet says about Her, am i contacting a wrong spirit?


No, not the wrong spirit. Lilith is a sweetheart. That being said, She can and will break you down if that’s what’s needed for you to be all you can be.


Shes also a fierce protector of her children too. Which is very helpful for weeding out shitty people in your life. Even with a simple ive seen her save a child from abusive parents and relocate said kid across the continent in a single week.


Mother Lilith is a kind woman but she also knows tough love. If she must, she’ll push you in directions you may feel uncomfortable going towards. Unfortunately, that’s my case and I made it worse by disrespecting her. I’d rather not go into how since it’s a long story connected to other personal issues and yet I have a strong feeling not to give up on her. That’s how great I think she is.


She is the best. If you feel like you have upset Her, please try to make things right. None of us are perfect and She knows that. I have never felt love until I started following Lilith. She loves Her children but She demands that we strive to be the best we can be. She saved my marriage. She took people outta my life that were toxic. Being a truck driver, I have felt Her presence in the truck with me. I would have the ac on full blast and still sweating like hell. I thought for sure I would look over at the passenger seat and She would be sitting there with a trucker hat on, wearing short shorts with a cup of coffee. She can be hilarious and loving at the same time.


What I really enjoy about her presence is that it’s not smothering or all in your face for me, if she wants to I think she could. It tends to spike up more when she’s extra happy. Normally to me she’s either a gorgeous red head, humanoid spider, extremely tall shadowy figure, or a big black owl and sometimes I see a black snake with yellow eyes.


… and if you ask for it. :smiley:


#Mao you got that shit right :laughing: But you always come out stronger than before

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