If you had millions of dollars, how would you use it as a tool for alchemy

  1. Hiring magickal services from much more advanced magicians for the purpose of spiritual alchemy.
  2. Building several churches and use it as a platform to draw in worshipers and siphon the energy of worship from reaching the intended destination. This energy can be used for various low or high magick operations.
  3. Buying books from credible people for either practical application or just comparison.
  4. Build a magickal temple for group work.

Any other ideas? :upside_down_face:


Energetic structures that resonate in harmony with the universe in terms of geometry , pyramids , frequency generators , crystals , stones

Expensive and rare herbs, mushrooms ,

For more money invest in stocks, real estate , physical alchemy lol

Also having a nice physical house , using Feng Shui and just having crystals and stuff placed nicely creates good energy

  1. Buy a house with forest.
  2. Build a stone circle in that forest.
  3. Invest in stocks for money that you not need to work.
  4. Meditate, but books, travel, learn other cultures.

I’d take those millions of dollars and make them into more and more millions of dollars cause why not sounds pretty fun.

I had a vision once of owning a pretty nice boat to party on and use for ritual with all my occult friends, so that too I guess.

There are also a few charitable causes I’d like to get moving along.

Most of all I’ll use the alleviation of material discomfort to allow my spiritual side to thrive.

  1. Buying a small island I can hold rituals on.
  2. Buying a way to get to that island (sailboat, likely).
  3. Hiring nearby locals to deliver groceries to me.
  4. Buying internet capability for said island
  5. Watching my soul transform from not having an 8+ hour work day and 2.5 hour commute…
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