If you get the effects, do binural beats state go naturally?

Like, you get a certain state from binural beats?

Then can you do it automatically afterwords, not need any or ?

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Probably not automatically afterwards, but you can train yourself to know what certain states feel like to you and then be able to fall into them more naturally. It will take practice, but think of them like ‘training wheels’ for the mind akin to riding a bike and you should be good.

The state produced by beats will linger for a some time (a few minutes to however long. Varies person to person) after they stop listening based on what they are doing at the time.

The thing is, the mind naturally shifts between states of consciousness all the time. Beats will be a good tool to help you recognize these natural states as you fall into them if you listen to them mindfully.

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Well it takes a certain number of days to make a binaural beat/energy field permenant but it depends on the individual field as some need to be listened to frequently or they do fade way.

You can do the same kinda thing with breething exercises, or a digeridoo works aswell…chanting and throat singing too… Of course electronic sounds can be way faster effect cause you can be extremely accurate working below 1,000 hz, specially if you have a sound studio or really good system

I use to produce dark electronic music and ambiance… i had a talk with Js Garret about this… when making (scary) sounds sometimes for days perfecting 1 synth, often far below 1,000HZ and spiking up…Repetitively…we often had the feeling things were happening in the room we couldn’t explain at that point. I think the art of ‘sound’ and vibration can be used and actually is used to open dimensional portals

Another fun thing we use to do is build up a BASS synth with layers of saws and binaural sub, then we would push a key and pitchbend it an octave+1 note higher… when we got the sound right we would feel that in our spines (chakras) going from our ass to our heads… anyone that has a synth keyboard or other skills in this and knows what I’m rambling should try this and see what it does for them.