If one were to use a skull in ritual,

Does it necessarily need to be real?


It does not, it’s more depending on the intent of the skull in the ritual.
If it’s a curse, a candle in form of a skull might be better suiting.

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Not really, as many of the reasons why someone would want to work with a skull can be achieved with a replica. However, I have found there is a difference when using real bones as far as animals go in ritual. For example, there seems to be a stronger connection with the ancestor spirit of that particular species when you can feel the bone in your hands. I have no experience with human bones so far so I cannot speak in regards to that, but we have an alternative in regards to our ancestors through blood to help establish that connection.

Real bone seems to be easier to make vessels with as well.

Human resin Skulls on my altar tend to be more for reminding myself that my luck will run out and I will go to the grave as well one day more than anything else.


If beet juice can be used to substitute for blood, then using a fake skull should be okay.