If I place a sigil on a chair, what are the consequences?

People do not sit on the chair. Will the entity whose sigil it is sit on the chair?

depends on the entity. Some view it as degradation but others, within the right context, use it to help you. First thing that comes to mind is asking Raphael or another healer entity to help cure piles/hemorrhoids, then sitting on the sigil nude and allowing the pain to overtake you as he does his work.

Well, I am more of talking about them occupying the seat as a form of defense against unwanted entities sitting on the seat.

Ohhhhh! Yeah that definitely is depending on the spirit. In my experience most only sit down if they’re on their thrones.


The spirit I used is the Whore of Babylon to fight against a being that my human family worships. The being my human family worships tries to hinder my magical practice.

Babylon is definitely good for that. Vine and Belial are extremely good allies to have with that situation as well. They will obliterate everything in your path.