If I petition for a discount how does it work?

Say I want to get a discount of 25% or 50% off a giftcard or food just simple stuff no crazy expensive items. If I petition and ask specifically for how much and when would I be able to ask for a 25% discount off something that costs 10 dollars and the petition gets accepted the next day? Or is that too short of a quota given and I need to wait longer?

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You have to be careful when putting a time frame on your petition because magick is rarely an immediate kind of thing. While it can happen next day, it’s not guaranteed, so my advice would be to petition a week or two out instead so there is enough time for the required variables to be manipulated.


Yup that definitely would be the most logical answer. Just a side question, by variable. You mean something that happens right? say I want to buy this giftcard from a company. After I wrote the petition and waited a week throughout that week the company made lots of money and their gift cards became discounted. Is that what you mean by variables?

Variables are the events, and people, that must be influenced tin order to make your request happen.

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So I am correct, I’ll try to do a petition tonight and wait the week and let you know the results. Appreciate all the help you’ve given to me. How do you manage to help everyone lol

If it’s a store discount I’d suggest give it at least 3-6 weeks to manifest. Working in retail I’ve heard from higher ups flyers are often set up 2-3 weeks in advance if of being sent out (the ads and items are set up that far ahead of time which by the way explains times a item is advertised but you get there and it’s “unavailable” and the website says they do not know when they will be able to fulfill the item).

I’ll also take that into account. Would it be safe to ask for a 50% discount after 1 month?

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Likely though I wouldn’t make it be a 50% or nothing situation cuz being that firm eliminates a 1-49.9 % discount as well as a 50.1 to 99.9%. Word it loose enough that you aren’t going to prevent a better deal like it goes on sale for 60% off for example. However that said yes a month would likely be sufficient.

Add: be like I need it down to at least X$ off or X% off (but don’t phrase it like “I need it to be”).
Some people say by expressing it as ‘I need’ you are actually negating it and guaranteeing need (while I don’t subscribe to that even if that’s not the case I need is a statement of weakness and lack as is I want).


I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you

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I had never even considered targeting a company for discounts on their cards like that. Great thinking


Yes you can do this. There are a variety of “buying and selling” spells and rituals out there for getting good deals. My most memorable result was having a large recurring expense cut by about 30-40%. My previous supplier suddenly became unavailable for business after I performed the ritual (the one from Magickal Riches), but one of my colleagues who took part in the transaction knew of another potential supplier through someone he knew, and after a few weeks we were back in business with a more reliable supplier who also had superior products and better prices.

In the ritual, I would just request the best possible deal you can get for that item or group of items (like groceries, for example). The magick can work without you doing much of anything (I did literally nothing but wait for the dust to settle as someone else did the sourcing). If you yourself will be directly negotiating the price, I would think about your target number and the least desirable outcome you would accept, but in the ritual still just ask for the best possible deal. You could also think of things like an anchor number (something wayy below your target number) to throw out first and then numbers and other offerings to progress through.

You may not have to really do anything, but you do need to allow for some kind of change. That could be as simple as shopping elsewhere, as was the case with my ritual. Usually that’s how this sort of discount magick has worked for me. I’ve gotten many results that were limited-time deals, oftentimes massive discounts like $300+ software being something like $25, on otherwise relatively expensive things. This is also why I’d suggest requesting something like “the best deal on painting software” rather than being too specific. If it gets the job done and is of good quality, then why pay for a brand? I’ve also gotten results through negotiation. Here, it usually helps if you are giving something as well, but I have also had good results loosening the grips of people just tightening them out of spite through negotiation. This usually applies more if the people in question are on your team or in your organization in some way. If they are outsiders, then you probably won’t get any freebies unless you have some sort of leverage.

I would allow for anything and not expect anything outrageous, but never underestimate the power of skillful negotiation. As they say, Never Split the Difference.

Your welcome :joy:

Thank you for the long and resourceful reply. By ritual dmare you referring to a petition or something else?

There’s a talisman in the book Magickal Riches for “buying and selling” that I used in this instance.