If a demon likes you, would he harm you?


If someone curses you or uses an entity for such a task but the entity likes you (either because you have worked with them previously or for other reasons), would they still perform this curse?

If they would perform this curse on you, would the cursed person be able to work with that entity to curse them back?

The curse is just the first example that came into mind but in short, does friendship/love or previous work affect what those entities would do to you if asked by someone else?


If you are already working with a deity they would most likely not accede to a hex or curse against you. In fact a deity would most likely warn you regarding the negative intentions of the magi who is casting against you. I would cast for shielding and invisibilty against this opponent and if he used another deity for a hex simply cast a return to sender and end the feud.


What if it is a demon?


Someone attempted to send Andras against me and I felt him arrive.
He was like:

Um, so and so sent me against you, but because I like you and you’re cool, I’m just gonna chill here outside the triangle till you decomission me.

I did.
Never heard from Andras since

Andras is a Demon btw OP


So in theory that could even happen for things such as charming (love spells, etc.) They may like the person and refuse to affect them “negatively”, that would also explain why some spells seem to have no effect, is that correct?


Huh…Leraje would probably kick me in the face even WITHOUT someone sending him to me :thinking:


If your consciousness is calm and emotionally stable, the odds of negative energy entering and sustaining itself are virtually zero. However, if you are dabbling with the poles–“goo” or “bad”–then you can be susceptible regardless. Your consciousness of friendship with the entity may help but it really depends.


Demons are the deity in question and yes to answer your question any demon you are working with would not accede to a casting against you he would simply warn and identify.


Didn’t EA have a video on this topic? I doubt they would if you guys have a good relationship but if they like the other person more I could see them hurting you.

If this is the case you may want to work with Beelzebub. He can break up in fighting.


I think it depends on which person the demon liked more. Could just go “fuck this shit I’m out, settle it between your selves”


So basically people who have no concept of these things are the weakest target?


Begs the question of why xyz is sending abc after you in the first place.


I’d like to quote @E.A on this. It comes down to who has the stronger will and conviction for works to manifest to physical results