Idk what to say but here it goes

K.S.D.D. -KrisShan (krisshanti) Da Don is my preferred name .
Born/raised in Miami, Florida.
I I’m a newcomer interested and working with King Paimon.
I need help with evocation.
I have recently denounced Christianity
Being a powerful empath healer and old soul ,i am seeking help to remembering my great higher self.
Open to learning everything.


Greetings! :sunny:

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Try this:

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Thank you @Lady_Eva .however i have a problem doing any magick im my home its a small apartment wit a judgmental religious mother. Any advice for safe places to practie at night?

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All you really need for that is a corner, but if you want to go completely private, you cannot beat an astral temple:

There are quite a few topics on here about creating those, different people’s styles so one may “click” with you, try using Search results for '' - Become A Living God :+1:

Also, check this out:

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Doing my research today , thank you goddess.this really the best place ive come to!

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You’re welcome, big load of other stuff here:

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