Identity questions

I’ve discussed this with a friend who is a member of a coven, and a member of BALG, and she had some advice, but I thought I’d ask this here for further guidance. I’m going to bullet point for ease:

  1. My Ex girlfriend/fiancé, who I’m still very close with, and her new Boyfriend, an OTO member, are being bothered by either an entity or perhaps a Demon. It manifests itself aural by crying that turns to laughter, visually like a dark form with “button eyes”, similar to a doll’s lifeless eyes.

  2. It has physically attacked me once, by jabbing it’s fingers in my back, and when I banished it from my house, it does not bother me anymore. But it constantly bothers them at random times.

  3. It seems to cling to my ex and try to disrupt all her happiness, but more importantly her relationships. It has made people act out of character, and has made here here things and see things that didn’t happen. That is based on video evidence.

  4. Recently reported feelings of serious pressure on her chest during manifestations. Not like having a heart attack, but like, honestly like someone riding her chest for oral copulation.

  5. My ex is an empath.

So, wondering what I can do to help. Wondering what it is… I’m thinking Incubus,… and wondering best method of clearing it from her life.


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It sounds like a parasite or poltergeist to me.

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I was suggested to do a simple spell… but…

When I banished it, it left my house, but still bothers my loved ones.

What should I do?

Banish it from their homes too.


All poltergeists are just a build up of a significant amount of life force energy. Demons can manifest poltergeist like effects if conjured as such. The only difference is what people think of as Poltergeists is the explanation of Hollywood and not all of them are demons. As for parasites… All spirits will feed one way or another so that pretty much puts all spirits in the same category…the question being what is their energy supply.


Hmmm, i’d Respond to the question of her nerdy supply as being fairly chaotic. Perhaps of the result of the unwelcome “friend”. She also is bi-polar and, as a result of that, goes through periods of nymphomania. Thought that might be relevant.

But I would say it as attempted to harass me, but I’m not scared of it and fight back.

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Makes sense. Way back when I lived with my grand parents for awhile Id have alot of succubus dreams. During that period I experienced TK of objects flying when I tried to grab them. Yep…a buildup of sexual energy can do that.

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Hmm… interesting. What about the concept that it follows here around. She and her boyfriend have audible manifestations in the car and in random places. I thought poltergeists were generally associated with where the person lives.

Thats because most poltergeists are unintentionally created via negarive events. Those creates by occult means are not perceived and labeled as such and because its intentionally creates they do different things.