Identity Change & Ascent: We Are Not Like Them Anymore

So every couple months I look back on my older posts, or read my past journal entries, and I can’t believe how different my perspective was back then.

I cannot imagine explaining to that version of Me how his thoughts, beliefs, preferences, and priorities would all change, but how he would become EVEN MORE HIMSELF in the process.

Discovering Magick, the LHP, true Satanism, and BALG, was SO serendipitous it sometimes feels like a strange fluke, and yet my entire life and all my anxieties and frustrations up to this point all make sense now.

Three and a half years ago I was a stubborn (troubled) staunch Materialist, scoffing at the Law of Attraction, concerned for the mental health of Mediums, and totally oblivious to my life purpose.

Now I don’t think twice about:

  • dimensions of energy,
  • conscious thought forms,
  • bending reality with mind and emotion,
  • seperation of consciousnesses from body, and what I call
    -Quantum Power Relations (or the belief in unfathomable difference in scale between two individuals [perceived] influence and power on physical reality)

I’m still in the process of understanding the ramifications of Godlike power,

  • in my life,
  • through my being,
  • at this age in history.
    And sometimes, when I can “Take it all in” (a little whiskey, beer, or marijuana never hurts in helping with that) I feel like i’ve won the lottery- so to speak.

The analogy of " Shifting Winds in a Rain Storm", proves helpful here.

-When you discover Magick, and imagine applying it (in believable ways) to your life.
-Its like the resistance pressed against you is now pushing you forward from behind.
-Timid steps (CAN) become powerful strides.
-But when the wind can ( POTENTIALLY) push you toward your goals and desires, you have to change your expectations/ anticipations to match that power.
-You have to CATCH UP with what your Inner Self KNOWS is possible now.
-You have to CHANGE the trajectory of your journey.

Because you Soul/ Rest of Conscious Self, NEEDS new set points to Reach, so as to never catch up with the Conscious Self’s ability to Grasp.

As our strides become longer and more graceful, we NEED much further (albeit believable) end points to reach, TO KEEP THE ENERGY (excitement) IN FLUX.

I hope to never stop witnessing grander- more terrifying miracles, so that my mastering of these Godlike powers never feels impotent, or pointless.

[There are highly intelligent people who will NEVER believe their mind, thoughts, feelings, and intentions can physically influence their reality]

And WE all know that it can.
This is incredible.
Coupled with the additional freedom of the LHP, its INSANE.

Sometimes I need to take a step back and remember how far I’ve diverged from the “Rational Common Beliefs”. Most people can barely fathom how Magick could be real, let alone indulge themsleves in the belief that it might be.

Most people will cling to conspiracy theory, skepticism, or a mental health diagnosis long before they consider the premise that " We can each Have, Be, and Do whatever we want."

Its weird. From THIS current vantage point, its weird.

Can we as a community cause some sort of strange ( unignorable) manifestation in the physical world?

Something that CAN NOT be coincidental, but could also NOT BE IGNORABLE to those unmagickal muggles?

Don’t force anything,
let’s let this idea fester and grow,
But if even 20 or 30 serious magicians were EXCITED to see the SAME MIRACLE unfold on the world stage RIGHT NOW, I think that would be super cool.

(But it would HAVE to be something every one of us was gitty to see happen in our shared physical reality, so… Needing some thoughtful, meditative, development time )

Explore this possibility in your next Evocation, Divination, or Meditation, cause I’m pretty sure there’s A LOT of nonphysical entities, that would LOVE to be a part of some
-Naturally Occurring
-Organically Orchestrated

  • Manifested Spectacle.
    (God knows the Media would love it)

-thanks for listening, its much appreciated,

Godlike Power :fist: