Identifying neutralizing and expelling negative energies?

Hello. I would like to help some friends, totally ignorant about magick, who believe some negative energy could have entered into their life. I want to try to determine if, really there is some negative energy in their home, and if yes, I would like to know the origin of these supposed influences, and finally, if possible to neutralize and expell them.
Could you, please, help me detailing some techniques, firstly to know if there is really such energy, and then, identifying the origin. My best known aspects of magick are chaos, divination(for example Tarot), radiesthesia, among other. Your help will be much appreciated.


If he believes it then it true. Even if its not there, his belief and feelings makes it happen either way…

Ask him what he thinks about this energy and what happened in his life that might attracted negative energy!

A general uncrossing for the person should help him get rid of this energy. If its attached to a place then do a banishing in that place.


try dowsing rods