Identifying an entity


Personally I insist I should do no harm under most circumstances. There have been times when I’ve broken my own rule but most of the time I stick to it.

The exception is, if someone were to break into my house armed or if someone were to threaten the lives of my family and my loved ones.

But having thought about it, that’s precisely what’s happened, and worse.

I’ve got demons and other strong entities attacking me at night, and it’s gotten worse since I emailed E.A. I’ll post about that in a bit.

There’s an ex-human neg attached to me, and he’s refusing to budge. My bodies, mind and inner peace are compromised/breached. Some members of my family have been affected to some degree as well.

So it’s time to bring out the big guns. My gun is puny but I can trade up right?

As some of you may have realised, I’m pretty new to this magick stuff. I’d used it once 5 years ago when I’d lost control of myself and I swore I’d never use magick to hurt someone again, but it’s time to stop beating myself up and get over it. I still don’t intend to specialise in the darker side of magick but I accept it can be useful at times.

Robert tells me I need to learn how to defend myself using magick and that I should read Initiation to Hermetics. I’ve started reading it.

I have E.A.'s ebook too.

And I’ve started practising controlling my thoughts because the neg has full access to my mind and thoughts and can control them to some extent, unfortunately.

The biggest problem right now is whoever is behind this, sending these demons to me, has gotten a lot angrier now. The bastard will keep.

For the last 3 nights I’ve been forced to stay awake via energy body attacks and my mind has been prevented from falling asleep whilst I’m in my bedroom. As a result I’ve been getting maybe 4-6 hours of broken sleep each night. Yet I can still function during the day. smirk But sleep deprivation actually weakens me, so it needs to be stopped.

Last night I was driven from my bedroom by strong attacks. At first I thought it was the neg. It wasn’t. I saw clairvoyantly a tall and skinny male rapidly “eating dinner” in my bedroom. He was absolutely scoffing and weirdly enough I even saw him using a plate with cutlery!!! He was wearing a purple robe with yellow stars on it, and I felt a sudden jolt of fear and revulsion in my gut at the sight of him. So it’s not a demon per se but it’s a powerful entity whose attacks were much stronger than the ones I often endure from the neg.

I went into the living room and fell asleep in the armchair. The entity didn’t follow me into the living room as far as I could tell.

Do any of you recognise this entity type? I couldn’t get him to leave and he was trying in vain to separate me from my body mainly through my crown and torso.


I can’t really help you out on this one because appearantly the stakes are real high and I wouldn’t wanna give you the wrong advice.
But if I were you I’d stick with Eric, because if you say that the attacks became worse after emailing him, I’d say that you are on the right track and the entities feal threatened. I truly believe Eric is the one you need.


That’s cool. I’ve emailed Eric I think it was either yesterday or the day before and I haven’t heard back yet. So I’m just feeling like a sitting duck in the meantime. I think it’s the magician responsible for this who feels threatened. :S


You hang in there, Gemma! You’re stronger than you think you are!!! Dammit, you have a RIGHT to enjoy your own Mind, your own Feeling and your own Body! How DARE that spineless wimp of a bottomfeeder attack your Person! You hang in there Honey, and KNOW You are right & he is wrong! Keep us posted okay? We really want to hear from you! You’re not as alone as you feel right now. You are family; we care. :wink: Z


Thanks Zoe. You’re quite right of course. :slight_smile: But it’s nice to know people care.


Did you get a hold of Eric? Everything ok?


I just wonder Gemma whether you intend to work through the BOA with us here and are trying to start daily practices? I know it must feel fantastically difficult to think of planting the garden while your fighting fires if I can mix metaphors, but I just think though Eric can hopefully help somewhat in the short term you may well need a longer term plan. I dont want to sound negative that it wont all be sorted quickly but long term working knowledge of these issues is what I think you are saying you recognise yourself would be helpful.

Hope your bearing up ok…


Hi guys,

Yeah Eric and I have discussed the issue, and it will be sorted in good time.

Someone passed a copy of IIH by Bardon and other material to me to study so that I can begin by learning to control my mind and thoughts, and grasp the basics before learning anything else.

I’m bearing up better now that I have heavy meds that knock me out at night.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

P.S. I wasn’t posting because I was dealing with the lack of sleep, etc all week.


Good to hear your making headway on several fronts…Getting Erics support, getting some sleep and getting into daily practice. Its all good. Hang in there.


Thank you Neophyte.

The regaining control over my mind is slow progress but I’m sticking with it. I’m hanging in there as much as I can.

I just hope whatever is going on is going to get better real soon.