Identifying a demon

I had a vision yesterday and it was clear as day, the image was someone with white/platinum long hair, black hooded robe and hood over the head, and blue eyes. He looked straight at me and then disappeared

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The closest I could find to that description was Marbas.

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The thing with demon descriptions is that they appear differently to everyone, with their actual forms often differing greatly from standard human forms.
I recommend you focus on that memory and use it to evoke the spirit in question.


Thanks, I’ll work on it :slight_smile:

I did an evocation and it is Furcas, and i know why he came to me.



@Amaris How did you do it?

Unless it’s the demon’s true form and not a form they illusioned up, but also this description can be anyone, demons don’t necessarily have 100% unique appearances, they can share broad similarities like black long hair, etc. it could even be a demon people on this forum never met or not mentioned.