Ideas needed for a binding/ sweetening spell for my manager

It took me a year to cause my previous team to be disbanded after serious trouble I had with my manager who collided with a colleague, spread shit around and were plotting harm against me. Now I got them both out of my way with the help of Agares and other demon works from my various books.
I am in a new team now. My job is highly target oriented and the company treats us all like slaves on a plantation, micromanaging and no time to breathe.
My new boss is a man and although no plotting or gossiping this time, he is highly target oriented and started giving me shit already and I want to nip it in the bud.
So far freezer spells have worked for me so I put him in the freezer today and did a binding spell on him.
However, just for fun, I want to make him adore me and love me so much that he is saying yes to my every request and never bother me again in a negative way.
Anyone has any idea how can I make him my little bitch? What demons can I use or spells?
Tried honey jars with people in the past but I don’t think it worked.
I want him to be my puppet.
Please help :)))

Study the practice of magnetism and supplement it with an understanding of NLP. This combination is far more powerful than any spell work or spirit that operates through non-magnetic means for this kind of work. It can easily turn enemies into the best of friends. Some older literature on the practice of magnetism and mesmerism is a good place to start and for NLP I recommend works such as those by Dantalion Jones. This will take longer to learn than a few spells or spirits but is a much more viable solution for the rest of your life of interaction with others.

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I know NLP, my master is Tony Robinson and the books of NLP founders Bandler and Grinder. However I don’t want to waste time on him like this, I need a quick fix. lol
Thank you anyway.

Make me sweet jar + obsession spell (you find details of both on forum)

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Obsession spell, great!!! Thanks.