Ideas for paying someone back for manipulation and taking years from someone

I am wondering if there is anything to be done if someone manipulated another person into doing wrong and the person didn’t know they were manipulated and in the end it cost then many years of their life. Is there some way there can be payback especially if he did it to another person as well?

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Yes, you can curse/hex someone. But you have to decide what you’d like to do.
Some examples of what you could do:

  1. Bankrupt them.
  2. Make them physically ill/cause physical harm
  3. Cause them to lose friends.

Depends on how extreme you’d like to go too.
Can you give further details?


The guy did this to two different women and he is abusive. Also both women were sent to prison for the years missing in their lives. No one knows how he does it but he is very good at manipulation and getting what he wants no matter the cost. He thinks he is untouchable even from authorities and he is in the military. Quite a few people around him think he needs a lesson in not hurting others or at least get knocked down off of his own pedestal. Hope this helps. If need more details let me know and I will provide what I can. Thank you for the suggestions as well.

Then you have to make him a pariah first. I’ve read there are groups of spirits, working together, who can do this. I’m planning on learning more, so keep me updated. But please, think before doing anything, if you don’t cut his supplies, so to speak, mostly everything you try (other than death) will fail. For what you say I believe making him a pariah is the best option, but you’re the one who knows him.