Ideas for getting someone to move from their home

Sounds like a fuckboy in my opinion. The best thing you can do towards them is to be indifferent towards them.

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Honestly im just trying out new skills right now. They’re 2500 miles away from me. If it works (and sounds like it’s working on her, so great on that) if not im still going to sleep at night. I’m pretty pissed at him right now but not enough to affect my life. The more I think on things less I care about him (and with spells that is the point after all). I have a journal that im writing it to remind myself why I should be (and have every right to be) angry and not want him. It’s helping not only with me but im not lusting anything either.

Right now im mostly aiming for her. I have 35 year of pure hate built up. I knew him before he married her and she really did ruin him. But he let her too so… Even just the very thought of her being miserable is just AWESOME. And my cards are saying just that right now.


Well I have an address and a picture of the home. Thank you google lol

Yes, I missed that part that she’s living too far away.
From what I understand you don’t want to attack her too badly because you care for his feelings.
And this makes things harder.

Even if you succeed and she moves out from her home, do you have a warranty that he will not follow her?
Why he would talk to you even if she moves out?
You say they have hatred for each other so what’s the reason he is still with her then?

You know the situation best but I think that what you actually need, is their break up.
Plus hexing the shit out of her until she loses everything, including her mansion.

Domination jar is good if you and her have constant communication but it is pointless if it is not supplemented with something else.
Again, you can check Demons of Wrath or Angels of Wrath books, there are plenty of rituals for bringing justice and punish your enemy.

Yep much too far away. I don’t want to bring death because that would hurt his/their daughter and in turn destroy him. So no, that is out. I’m madder than hell at him right now but not that angry. So in that way I do need to be careful.

Yes because I do know more than anything he would love her gone. He would talk to me because he would be the only one in the home afterwards and there would be no fear of her finding out. See, I think she knows or found out somehow we were talking even though its been 4 months since our last conversation. I did a Tarot reading for the two of them a few days ago and got this…

For the root of problem I got Ace of Wands and The High Priestess (this was a clarifier) Im new at reading but one search said “dissatisfaction and restlessness” for the Ace of Wands. Then I got the HP. I am the HP (water sign, number two, Cancer) I am a Cancer born on the 2nd. Its me. I asked a yes no question if she knew of me and was told yeah (Queen of Wands). Current I got Six of Swords with Four of Cups (jumped out at same time) future I got Four of Swords and Two of Cups (again both jumped out) so does not sound very promising. Other readings show continued discord (and I think I saw me again in other card).

They stayed because she got pregnant. He was ready to leave her (my friend and I highly suspected it) and she found out two weeks later. He stayed to raise his daughter. The bought another home after she was born and stayed there. While she is now in college and moved out. They still live together though he admitted to me they hate each other. I havent even seen them sit near each other since their daughter was three. I saw them both when my friend/his sister passed 8 years ago and they could not have been further apart. Did not sit or stand anywhere near each other. I think it boils down to the home they have had for 25 years now. She really would destroy him financially. I think that is his “worry” but does not excuse the bullshit he laid on my this past year.

I want her to just up and leave. They are broken up in every sense emotionally. He once told me years ago they were divorced (legally or otherwise I dont know).

I will check out those books

Send a servitor to fake a poltergeist
that could be quite simple

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I did think of a servitor. But I just want her to leave not him so im worried it would affect him too. However, if I could create one that makes her sick at home (and just when at home so she makes a connection) that would be good.

servitors are quite versatiles so you can make one to poltergeist only in her presence

Curious as I stepped away for a bit and just thought of that very thing. Make her seem “crazy”. Drive her out.

Y’all are my “people” I swear lol. Love it!!!

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So they hate each other but still live together?
There could be only one reason for it.
Attack her financial status.
Destroy her wealth.

If she values her properites no paranormal activity is able to throw her out.

So he wants her to be gone but he to stay at her home?
It looks like he is with her because of money.

Hate each other? Yeah but he hates her more. I’m going to sound petty but this is fact.

He married her when I was 17 (he 21). One year later he bought her a birthday gift. I was at their parents house with my Best Friend and the two of them was there as well. Gave her the gift. A bracelet. Mentioned that he got it on sale. She made the comment (and I have not in 30 years forgot this) “What? I’m not worth full price???” If you know how older homes are set up, right next to the living room where they were was a separate yet adjoining dining room. Kitchen to the direct right. I heard that, ran to the kitchen where my friend followed me in and said “What the fuck???” I would have given ANYTHING to gotten a freaking flower out of the front yard from him let alone a bracelet!!! I hated her before that point for obvious reasons. That day on I wished every moment he would have divorced her. 5 years later I almost got my wish, he came close but didn’t because of she got pregnant to save her marriage (and yes that is EXACTLY what she did). I hated he married without giving me a chance and i would have accepted (still hurt but accepting) any woman as long as she treated him right. She treated him like a fucking dog. I saw what kind of a snobby, arrogant bitch she was before they married and he did it anyways.

Is it about money??? Yeah big time. And she would fuck him. Especially if she could involve me in any way shape or form. I can’t remember the laws back home even though I myself got divorced from my first husband there. I think I need to somehow create where she doesn’t want anything as if i destroy her wealth it might make her resist leaving and target him even more. That’s why im considering the servitor or a nasty narcissistic lover (who turns on her after she is gone for a bit and abandons the home) that will make her not care and leave willingly and forever. If she is seeing shit a mental hospital could help A LOT lol

I’d say its honestly his home more than hers. He has a very well paying job. She stays because of the house im sure. He’s the breadwinner.

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Hey ya nasty bitch!!

Thanks for posting the new profile picture. You look exhausted, beat down and just flat out miserable. I would blame the heat/humidity back home but I can see it in your eyes. Even though you’re smiling it looks like you just wanna cry. That’s awesome!! I wish I could post it here lol. I won’t but damn. Compared to her last one… Big change. Three pics since June 4th and I can see ya getting sadder and sadder.

What what should I do to you next?? I asked the King and answer… Well, I can see you becoming VERY clumsy at “home”. We’ve just begun…

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Couple books that may help: Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield has a Force Exile ritual on someone to force them to leave their home, workplace etc
Used it several time on co workers with great success. But it can take time to work. Also Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose has a similar ritual using the demon Camalon.