Ideas for getting someone to move from their home

I have a target im trying to get to . However I need to remove a layer (his exwife or wife whatever she is). I did a domination jar last week. I want her out of the home. He wont talk to me out of fear of her finding out about it. I want her gone.

Well yesterday I saw she posted a picture of her standing in front of this camper. Now im not sure if it’s even hers but why would she if it wasn’t (side note he as a camper as well bought a in Feb. This is not his). My goal/hopes is that if this is indeed hers it will be her new home very soon.

Now I was wondering if anyone has ideas for spells to make it so she flat out hates being in her home and spends so much time in her new camper (please let it be hers!!!) that she just leaves forever.

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You could make some offerings to the local land spirits and ask them to hound her from the house until she decides to leave.

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Bless her with spells of success and wealth and she will be gone. Why should she want a camper or house when she can have a mansion

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Never thought of that. Good idea its just that she lives on the other side of the country but I do have her address but can’t get anywhere near. As long as it just affects her and not him.

I thought about making it so that just being in the home makes her sick. And better when she is gone. Literally sick of being at home. I’m just not sure how to go about it.

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Ohhhh hard one lol as I vehemently hate her. Her “husband” has one so im sure that is partly reason why. I had to look at the picture to be sure it wasn’t his as I was upset for a hot moment. Her mom died earlier this year so i’m sure an inheritance was gotten (which is all hers of course since they are separated but still living together) and that is how it came about. Im sure it’s hers as she is pretty happy in the pic. I thought about bringing a new love in her life but no other man deserves that bullshit crap (being a lover to her).

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Not even a severe narcissist?

Now that would be pretty awesome!!! To where he would not reveal that side of himself until she was fully moved out and gone. Because once she is out of the home there he would not let her back (well hopefully the home would be sold by that point anyways).

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Ahhh I see. But ask yourself this, is she really happy or is she posing to be happy? Does she care about the inheritance that much or does she grief the loss of her mother?

You know according to the law of polarity she will fall by her own without your influence (if she is as bad as I assume you picture her). Ask yourself where does your hate towards her stem from

Try a demon

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She is not happy in her marriage. Has not been for at least 25 years (him longer as they have been married about 30+) I’ve known them both 35 yrs. I have no doubt that she truly misses her mother. From what I remember years back he (my target, soulmate etc…) told me their daughter and her do not have an overly close relationship. If that is true or not today I don’t know. Im sure she is “lonely” and for that im so glad.

Where does my hate stem from??? Oh that is EASY. She married a man i was madly in love with (he is/was my best friends brother. My friend, his sister sadly passed away). The man is my soulmate. She married him and ruined him (made him bitter, untrusting. Just a foul horrible bitch). He was considering leaving her in 95’ that I trust, as him and I spent sometime together the night before my friends wedding. Im sure he had other intentions but backed out as nothing happened. Two weeks later he found out she was pregnant. He stayed (as he should have!!!) and raised his daughter whom he is quite close to. Nasty as it sounds she got pregnant to save her marriage.

Trouble is, as a result, her daughter is not over fond of her (again from what i was told in the past) and he cant stand her. I swear she was three the last time I seen them even sit next to each other. I saw them when my friend passed at the hospital 8 years ago and they couldnt sit far enough away from each other). And I saw him last December…

I hate her to the point of I would wish her dead but that would hurt her daughter and in turn hurt him so I wont go that far.

I have a domination jar on her already and I have the universe attached to it (kind of a who wants this type deal)

I may consider a demon but not sure whom to ask.

Pick any demon

To conjure fierce hatred between two named people.
Can be a choice.
Tomorrow - more.

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Fierce hatred is already there. I’m thinking about attaching something to her that makes her violently ill only when she is home. Won’t take long for her to make the association. Hopefully the less she is at home the quicker she just moves out.

Okay, but why didn’t he choose you in the first place? Reading this it sounds like you have been a side pice for his amusement. Don’t fall for things like soulmates etc. those things were possible in earlier times but not really today. His behavior is way below what I would expect from my potential mate and I would advise to move on. If he wants to be with you he would.

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There is a ritual called “Force exile” from the book “Angels of Wrath” by Gordon Winterfield.
If you want to try working with angels.
When you want somebody to leave your life, your place of work or any other place that you frequent, this is a ritual that can bring what you desire. This is effective for getting somebody to leave your immediate proximity.”


Also, I would hex him too, but that’s me.


Sigh…I’ve asked that many times. He told me basically he saved us both some heartache. Instead he caused it over and over. He never gave me the chance to grow up and see (he is four years older, I met him at 13, and when your a young teen. That’s a big difference) and kind of made choices for me as to what I could and could not handle, which was bullshit because he admits the interest from him was there.

Make no mistake. Anything im doing now is just payback. He fucked with me for the last time. I have a domination spell on her (and my Tarot says they are fighting a lot). Him? I have an obsession spell going. Just an obsession to want to talk to me and I have it where his desire to speak to me is far higher than mine (im find this hard as I dont want to lust yet i need to keep my desire high to mulitply his. Tricky). I’m giving him a taste of his own medicine. But I do need to remove a layer or two to get to the goods (the bitch). Ive never done these kind of spells before. They’re just guinea pigs.

He is my soulmate. That I do believe. But I dont want him that way.

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I already have a hex on him. An obsession jar in wanting to talk to me as I dont want to fool with his emotions and such. But he is a pretty strong willed one so I need to get her gone to get to him (I know he is concerned with her finding out he is talking to me, I suspect she has learned we have talked in the recent past, not that I care at all. I hope she did actually).

This is rough because they live on the other side of the country than I do. Believe me this is frustrating because I cant “see” my progress lol

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