Ideas for a book to work with regarding Lilith

Basically the title says it all…i’ve read all sorts of books in this matter but I am interested to know if anyone knows more and perhaps even books who are very workable but do not contain a direct connection to Lilith…as in…none of the works there are with Lilith but it speaks about her.



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Clavicula Nox Issue 4: Lilith.

Not very much interest on that one…but i have it yes. Thankz anyway!

Id like to know that also, I need some “darker” women in my life

Go to Africa :slight_smile: you will have plenty…

Liber Lilith by Donald Tyson.

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I googled for liber lilith pdf and got an interesting link, lilitudiscussion. Dunno if I can paste it here…

I have the pdf but have never got around to reading it because the font sucks.

If someone has a kindle i can share a good version of donald tyson grimoire for her.

I just googled the book name, space,author,space,pdf and the first popon the list is a free pdf . Decent quality for free :slight_smile:

That book is actually really good. It’ll really get you into contact with Lilith. I tried it, but decided she wasn’t for me.

Why not?

I’ve a good and a bad news.

I begin with the good news : I have this Tyson book so if anyone is interested you can PM me and I send it to you :slight_smile:

Now the bad news : the book is in spanish :confused:

I know spanish well…but which one do you have ? The one with two parts ? Or a whole book…If it is the whole book with good quality, even if it is in spanish i wouldnt mind have it…

gimmi your email in PM

Eye, sent e-mail for the Lilith e-book pls.


the best haha