Idea I Had For Tarot Readings & Positions

Later this evening I’m making some little signs to designate the meanings of each position in a spread.

I’m going to take the plain back of some standard-sized business cards, fold them into three like a Toblerone box, and write the name of each position (Self, Recent Past, etc) on all three sides, in the manner of the name plates some people use during conference meetings. If I like it, I’ll print something a bit more elaborate using maybe a Gothic or “Old English” font.

It’s possible this idea might be useful to other people, especially the pros who read for someone else - you can write the positional meaning so the querant can see it from where they’re sitting, and it’s more adaptable and cheaper than a marked cloth or anything with the positions printed on.

Anyway probably a bit of a mad one but I thought I’d share it, and get busy making my own little signs, which will be an aide memoire for me with my fairly average tarot skills being what they are, and also allow me to have reminders of some of the custom spreads I’ve come up with over the years.