Idea for throwing hexes, curses....: misquitoes

Seriously think about it…do you know the list of diseases they carry besides malaria?. It would be a perfect idea for a curse.


An interesting idea. Here’s a list:

That’s pretty ingenious, especially for “untouchable” types. Thanks for the idea!

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Interesting thought I like the way you think. On that note! Something I frequently utilize in such workings are things such as wasps or hornets. Not only do they have s nasty sting/bite but the power of such is also within most people’s emotional reaction to them. Whenever one of those suckers comes around you will be sure to see people jumping, running screaming, etc… Thus using that energy in workings will be sure to get that sort of reaction out of the targets.

Beelzebub is/means the Lord Of the Flies…!


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